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  1. 50% percent meebs troll cyber monday swamp bro trade for other prisoners
  2. myth

    Looking For Paul

    Do you have paul? lol That is my gamertag and my opinion. Message me if you want to talk. If you're just "trolling" then you are wasting time.
  3. myth

    Looking For Paul

    The guy with his eyes peeled back. If anyone is interested in trading add me on xbl GT:true metal only
  4. I've beat it on isane solo. I like a challenge, it's not that.
  5. Not me personally i competed for number 1 on the trials games and it's a real pain.
  6. I'm sure there's not many people worrying about getting the number one spot on the leaderboards, and if they're not then why would they keep replaying the same level over and over? that's no fun. I know what you mean though. The people who are deicated enough to unlock all of the prisoners will do so anyways. Not play the same level over and over of course, as of now.
  7. I mentioned insane mode in my first post. Thanks for the input guys, but I'm still all for this.
  8. Yes, that's true. I would still like to see this changed.
  9. I completed the co op story on normal mode the other day and noticed that I'm not able to get anymore gems while playing now. I think that the game should be updated so that we can continue to earn gems. I enjoy helping others beat the game and I also enjoy getting gems.. This would also add more replay value. I know I can still clear insane mode and earn gems, but then I would still have the same problem.
  10. sweet, look forward to seeing more.
  11. myth

    What Would You Change?

    I would like to change the fact that we can't get gems in co op after beating the game.
  12. myth

    What Are Your Goals In Bbt?

    My main goal is to release all of the prisoners.