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  1. You'd think Sakurai would learn from the last data mining thing to keep the files more secure. Anyway, yeah, Roy's back, thanks people who couldn't let melee go, Fire Emblem REALLY needed 6 reps, the same amount as Zelda, and double the clones!
  2. Spoilered for naughty language Best Pokemon for me has got to be squirtle slurpuff
  3. These were tucked away in an update patch.What a disappointment. Lucas too
  4. I heard it's fire rate is as fast as you can hit the trigger, is that true?
  5. Aerospray? More like AeroGAY I hate that gun so much.
  6. I lost 10 ranked matches in a row. I've never touched it since.
  7. Nah man you're not alone, I actually really like 'em Also those squid pillows look comfy as hell, yo Screw tilt controls. They are terrible and should never be used. I would try to get the pillows only if they had a blue or purple one. Tilt controls are amazing for proper aiming honestly, it takes a little getting used too though. Also woo did Splatoon live up it its hype, having a good time playing it. What rank are you guys at? I'm at 16 last time I checked.
  8. I gotta make myself more present on the fourms, what happened to that skype group?
  9. To quote Hamlet Act III, Scene iii Line 87, no
  10. In scott related news, the desolate hope is now free on steam. In other news, I think FNAF is going to be a series that will be milked to hell and back.
  11. IGN article here This is the beacon of light we needed from Nintendo. It's too bad they can't restock everyone; I can understand the "appeal" in a collector's item, but there's certainly no "appeal" in dishing out $100 for a figurine I was supposed to be able to buy for $12.99. Now, Nintendo, make good on your word and flood the shelves with Villagers and Little Macs! Imagine all those 100$ amiibos that could become common again, hoo boy.
  12. I just had a friend try to preorder them at a gamestop, and they said they were out, I got worried.