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  1. Redseal2012

    Looking To Buy Star Heads

    Ok I can do that later today if you want to
  2. Redseal2012

    Looking To Buy Star Heads

    *UPDATE* Now if anyone has "The Nose Knows, Tiny Feet, Ms Pump, Agent 2, Cecil, Rammy, I see you, or Buckle Your Pants. Those are all that I need. If you want to trade me one of those for one of mine i have almost all the other ones just a few missing.. Thanks
  3. Redseal2012

    Looking For Star Heads.

    I am looking for: King Theif Swamp Bro Barbarian I have to offer: (I have these heads on my other Accs... So I would have to get them) Unicorn Lava Lamp Bomb and More. Thanks Also My GT is SheepPlaysGames
  4. Redseal2012

    Looking To Buy Star Heads

    Yeah today i traded all them away for heads like Dad, Meebs, Peeps, Paul.. I think they look cooler and i just happen to like them better.. Even though the chicken and furbottom may be more rare.
  5. Redseal2012

    Looking To Buy Star Heads

    I am looking to get either Boom, Winston, snail, lava lamp, fat kid, or blocketeer. I have to offer: 1 roses 1 furbottoms 1 chickens 9 donuts 9 trolls 1 triple threat 40k Gems 30 Yarn My GT is SheepPlaysGames
  6. Redseal2012


    Yeah that's what I was thinking! If they created it earlier this week they could of had it done and ready to release on Friday.
  7. Redseal2012

    What Did You Do Today?

    Two Yard Gnomes Stuffed It With A Dirty Diaper Because That’s how I unwind
  8. Redseal2012


    Awwww! I was looking forward to Furbottom Features today. I hope they are still going to do it but are just behind or something :/
  9. Redseal2012

    Hatty Figurine

    Thats so cool!
  10. I have to agree with foxfragon and breadedchicken those rock, conveyer belt obstacles are really unique and require you to have good timing or else it all messes up
  11. Redseal2012

    Kitty Olympics

    This sounds like fun. I will have to try it out sometime.