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  1. oh and also i forgot to add that other rarer characters i never saw to be used were, chainface, and ghe ninja
  2. i dont think it will be possible for me
  3. Damm i wanna play WAR online

  4. Damm i wanna play WAR online

  5. k guys so which character looks the best in beefy mode? I think that the best looking beefy is the beekeeper, of all as his design is proportioned very good with no bad looking armor, check it out for urselves, it looks bad balloon
  6. well yh skeleton is one of the rarer characters in the game, beekeeper on the other hand i have been seen him for alot of games i've played
  7. hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Wow this is so freaking funny but though i agree
  8. yes thats quite reasonable Also there should be an option for such thing as enchantment and smithing to ale the game for time taking, in enchanting the weapon u have chosen to enchant; u could rename,(enchanring doesnt delete the od weapon)
  9. i would rather look like a chaos warrior (from warhammer) in the game, with horns going up and my armor colour similar to rotting green, like a nurgle champion :D
  10. ninja beefy is rare and skeleton beefy is available in the graveyard like place before fighting druids
  11. a dark knight and chaos knight (with big horns going side ways would be good), and death knight too, shadow knight, sun knight, water knight, earth knight, Doom knight, they would be good
  12. but there is a purple knight dlc!
  13. bears, coneheads, barbarians and too the royal guards, and skeletons somehow?!
  14. i meant age of reckoning, i freaking love it, too bad no one has free helmets
  15. hey i rarely go on youtube u kno, mainly when i go on my pc i play on warhammer 40k chaos rising, so im quite busy
  16. wow i have nether thought of this myself, but iwould like to have myself in the game, rather have a choice of who i should be in the game
  17. of course looking for them
  18. my ideas are: 1. Playable Characters: Gladiator(mirmillo), Chaos Warrior( this idea was based on Warhammer, the warrior has horns which go up, his armor colour is black, with silver outlines), pretorian(taken from roman legionnaires), assassins similar from assassins creed, and zombie. 2. Weapons: Black-flame sword(lv 50, as all skills are +10, and flame bonus), dual bladed waraxe. 3. Bonuses in Campaign: Good idea with freeing the pirate king, but the boss in it is a beefy-like ninja, new dificulity which is Immortal, its twice harder than insane, extra stuff for campaign are once u defeat the wizard there are new enemies the chaos legion, the final boss in the legion will be a chaos lord on a dragon. 4. Pets: Skull and rhino and a wolf 5. Max lv 1000
  19. and? It just doesnt sound right, ninja pirate? Naaa it would rather be pirate ninja, it sounds better.