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  1. TheatreOfBattleblock

    Halo Reach

    does anyone have codes like the flaming helmet available for free?
  2. TheatreOfBattleblock


    I was on CC today and saw this guy online playing as a thief and was spamming arrows insanely fast and did about 22 damage a a hit.Is he a hacker or just have REALLY good agility?
  3. TheatreOfBattleblock


    Hey guys im a level 17 ,any tips on how to level up fast?
  4. TheatreOfBattleblock

    Rubber Handeled Sword

    i've heared alot of talk about the "Rubber Handled Sword" What is it and how do i get it?
  5. TheatreOfBattleblock

    The Collectors' Corner [Stocking]

    GT:yuupthatsrich Head Wanted:Rammy Payment-gems Time-anytime
  6. TheatreOfBattleblock


    Just a quick topic,Trophies how do i get them I hear you must finish the game But what happens if you skip levels in chapter 8 and go straight to the finale Also,if you would like to team up to get trophies list your gt *no mic btw*
  7. TheatreOfBattleblock

    The Trader's Plaza

    Looking For Thief or King I Will trade Tiny Cyclops,Siren or Boom GT - yuupthatsrich
  8. TheatreOfBattleblock

    The Collectors' Corner [Stocking]

    GT:yuupthatsrich Head Wanted:King Payment:Gems Time:When it re-stocks/anytime
  9. TheatreOfBattleblock

    The Collectors' Corner [Stocking]

    Sorry, but The King is currently not in stock. Please check back later to see if it has been restocked. Is there another head you would want? oh,well would you have thief or tiny monkey? if you dont ,can you list what you do have
  10. TheatreOfBattleblock

    The Collectors' Corner [Stocking]

    GT :yuupthatsrich One king please time:anytime you can
  11. TheatreOfBattleblock

    Star Heads

    gt:yuupthatsrich I recommend checking out the collectors corner topic. thank you sir
  12. TheatreOfBattleblock

    Star Heads

  13. TheatreOfBattleblock

    Star Heads

    to anyone who reads this,i will offer 200 gems and/or the bomb head for thief,king or barbarian
  14. TheatreOfBattleblock

    Looking To Buy Star Heads

    ill give you boom for furbottom GT ; yuupthatsrich
  15. TheatreOfBattleblock

    Star Head Trading.

    or thief btw