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  1. Sure why not JJoneshot1kill ill play as anything but green
  2. Ya they were on the news yesterday day morning there bus tiped over and 20 border hoppers jumped out and ran.
  3. Banned for not doing your homework! Game calld Murloc u can play as a Mage,Warrior,Rouge.or Preist but nice try
  4. Ur best bet is to do to Industrial Castle and trade the wepon behind the bushes (i would trade but we cant connect =( )
  5. Banned for a weird youtube and failure at life
  6. Crashtacular (the biggest word ive said in my life so far!)
  7. Whats exactly the point of locking a Topic i mean its still there after you lock it and when people go 2 click it they see its locked you should like delete them after there locked or sumthin
  8. Ya the brute is good at throwing good...
  9. If u live in usa/canada u can add me Gt; JJoneshot1kill no offsence but uk+me= dnt get past character selection screen
  10. Murlocrouge


    So he dosent Repost the same thing and get it locked then fell like an epic failure to the commuinty i think lol
  11. Murlocrouge


    Most normal people who are CC fans click dev blog b4 fourms cuz there 2 exicted to see the link
  12. Murlocrouge


    I asnwerd it a month
  13. They add more guys on the desert levels more camals and i think more fleas and unless your crazy good u should party up
  14. Murlocrouge


    lol this is gunna get say a month
  15. The Catfish cuz the first time u fight him u take a look and your like "How on earth do i kill this thing @$)(*)$&)!!!
  16. I'm going to have to say the same. I've never had a problem with it crashing on me. Ya but after you play with kids form IDk lets say Uk and there actually allot that do my Castle seems to crash
  17. Ya we i think i might quit till the patch comes out
  18. Ya it crashers every time i play people form UK the game laggs out adn it says PRess (A) to countine and it wont let me Also it was kinda a joke
  19. That's cold man...that's cold. You mean 'A large company with money/manpower'. Right? Anyway. It would be AWESOME if there was a 'Create a Crasher' mode . I'd pay money for that. Naw just the plan hard truth and the truth is cold