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  1. GT: Pratt dog20 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Looking for unicorn willing to give 15 yarn and 700 gems add me if interested ________________________________________________________________________________________ P.S Moding Glitching and scamming are not acceptable and you will be reported note I will be recording while trading with you but I wont post it to yt twitch or anything unless I give it to behemoth ________________________________________________________________________________________ ADD ME AND MSG ME IF INTRESTED ________________________________________________________________________________________ Stay Sexy my friends
  2. Hello My GT is Pratt dog20 I am on xbox360 and I am looking for the cecil starhead willing to buy it for 350 gems if interested send request and message saying deal also I will be doing starhead giveaway when I get all starheads if you give me the cecil you may end up getting it or even more heads back ________________________________________________________________________________________ P.S NOTE ALL TRADES ARE RECORDED FOR MONITERING PURPOSES TO PREVENT HACKERS GLITCHERS AND SCAMMERS! ________________________________________________________________________________________ Will Also throw in 21 yarn ________________________________________________________________________________________ GT Pratt dog20
  3. My GT Pratt dog20 would love if you could give me unicorn thanks bro!
  4. Hello my gamertag is Pratt dog20 I am buying starheads I don't have if u have these starheads I am willing to buy them of of you The nose Knows King Theif Barbarian Hatzilla Tiny Monkey Winston Mr Peabody If you have any of these send me a f request and a message if u just wanna trade message me
  5. Hello my gamertag Pratt dog20 I have over 600 gems and 17 starheads _________________________________________________________________________________________ I need 1.Lava Lamp 2.The knows Knows 3.Behemoth Chicken
  6. Hello I understand people are interested in becoming a monitor, although it is not easy it is rewarding. If you want to be a monitor don't ask, use proper grammar, and be polite and active in your posts make Shure to stay updated with posts form other monitors because they will inform you when a spot is open, thanks and have a great day. -Pratt dog20
  7. Hello im on Xbox My gamertag is Pratt dog20 I have BOOM amd 12 other star heads im willing to trade but I need Agent or santa please trade
  8. Hey Guys im Willing to buy The nose Knows for 250 gems message me If interested gamertag Pratt dog20 XBOX
  9. I woil like one gamertag Pratt dog20