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  1. Pratt Dog20

    Looking For Cecil!

    Well Let me know if you want to trade my gt Pratt dog20
  2. Pratt Dog20

    Looking For Unicorn!

    GT: Pratt dog20 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Looking for unicorn willing to give 15 yarn and 700 gems add me if interested ________________________________________________________________________________________ P.S Moding Glitching and scamming are not acceptable and you will be reported note I will be recording while trading with you but I wont post it to yt twitch or anything unless I give it to behemoth ________________________________________________________________________________________ ADD ME AND MSG ME IF INTRESTED ________________________________________________________________________________________ Stay Sexy my friends
  3. Pratt Dog20

    Looking For Cecil!

    Hello My GT is Pratt dog20 I am on xbox360 and I am looking for the cecil starhead willing to buy it for 350 gems if interested send request and message saying deal also I will be doing starhead giveaway when I get all starheads if you give me the cecil you may end up getting it or even more heads back ________________________________________________________________________________________ P.S NOTE ALL TRADES ARE RECORDED FOR MONITERING PURPOSES TO PREVENT HACKERS GLITCHERS AND SCAMMERS! ________________________________________________________________________________________ Will Also throw in 21 yarn ________________________________________________________________________________________ GT Pratt dog20
  4. Pratt Dog20

    Free Star Heads For Everyone!

    My GT Pratt dog20 would love if you could give me unicorn thanks bro!
  5. Pratt Dog20

    Star Head Giveaway - Hooray!

    GT Prattdog20 I will take stubby
  6. Pratt Dog20

    Star Head Trading.

    Hello my gamertag is Pratt dog20 I am buying starheads I don't have if u have these starheads I am willing to buy them of of you The nose Knows King Theif Barbarian Hatzilla Tiny Monkey Winston Mr Peabody If you have any of these send me a f request and a message if u just wanna trade message me
  7. Pratt Dog20

    Starhead Trading

    Hello my gamertag Pratt dog20 I have over 600 gems and 17 starheads _________________________________________________________________________________________ I need 1.Lava Lamp 2.The knows Knows 3.Behemoth Chicken
  8. Pratt Dog20

    How To Be Modderater

    Hello I understand people are interested in becoming a monitor, although it is not easy it is rewarding. If you want to be a monitor don't ask, use proper grammar, and be polite and active in your posts make Shure to stay updated with posts form other monitors because they will inform you when a spot is open, thanks and have a great day. -Pratt dog20
  9. Pratt Dog20


    Hello im on Xbox My gamertag is Pratt dog20 I have BOOM amd 12 other star heads im willing to trade but I need Agent or santa please trade
  10. Hey Guys im Willing to buy The nose Knows for 250 gems message me If interested gamertag Pratt dog20 XBOX
  11. Pratt Dog20

    Free Cecils

    I woil like one gamertag Pratt dog20