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    Please take a seat as I; the 'puppeteer' after Hatty-- will narrate this Puppet Show. Ok guys, just a warning-- this will be a three-act show; --I discourage the elderly, small children, and the faint of heart to please notice the illuminated EXITs in the back as this explanation to the entirety of the lore from: "BATTLE BLOCK THEATER" and "Game 4" is so incredibly deep and accurate that it would freakin' haunt you how oblivious and IGNORANT you are in relation to its lore. Ok, I lost track. The exits, yea.. That's where i LEFT off, right?! I will be closing them now.. Let us BEGIN! > Act 1: The PROLOGUE Lore has started to evolve more throughout the course of the Behemoth's titles since Daddy n Me; but Game 4 seems to be the title that might have exceeded the amount of effort actually put into the lore itself. There are a few points I want identify before I actually present a little bit of theory that might explain the 'Narrator' character in Game 4: Yea, we'll call Will Stamper's narrator character.. the 'Narrator.' (Seems blunt enough) > Act 2: Hatty Hattington Will Stamper has attributed the same voice for both Battle Block Theater and Game 4, they're almost 'conveniently' TOO similar. [A little more deep in the game's context] Will Stamper narrated Battle Block Theater in the supposed voice as he is in Game 4, but early on in the game--- his character's personality and attitude seems totally clean and nicer. More happier, like a happy 'god'. 'The Narrator then goes through an incredibly noticeable and dramatic change. Instead of using 'happy' adjectives and giving a fun attitude; he starts to become more hostile and aggressive. ---Why you might ask?! Because some wretched prisoners from Hatty's ship ruined his theater and spoiled what he found 'entertaining.' Yes. 'The Narrator' is a DEITY. He's god-like. Now, you think this is off topic? No. This will explain BBT and THEN explain Game 4. The Narrator is implied of being easily bored. It's hard to explain but let me explain in terms of 'Wheatley' from Portal. After Wheatley becomes infected by glaDOS' body, he feels the need to 'test'. He described his urge to test as an 'itch',-- he needs to scratch that itch by testing. 'The Narrator's itch is not more of an itch.. but a disease. He needs to cure his boredom, and he commanded [or created] the cat people to pillage the theater and make it into place to entertain their worshipped Deity: The Narrator. Because you know.. "And I HATE being bored." - 'The Narrator' (direct quote from the opening intro from Game 4) This has been happening for a LONG time, until Hatty crashed his ship on the island. Since all the people who 'wore' the puppeteer hat are mortal, (meaning just like humans, they die with old age.) There HAS to be an ongoing chain of people who take up the role of the puppeteer. And the Narrator is LAZY He doesn't want to do any work, but sit down and be entertained. So the cat people must go out of their way to keep finding more people to become the puppeteer; to please their god. But Hatty comes along ANNDD BRINGS A BUNCH OF 'FRIENDS' [YOU, THE PLAYER] TO DESTROY THE ONLY MEANS TO KEEP THE NARRATOR HAPPY AND ENTERTAINED. The Narrator is mad, a few tiny punks, a few 'ants' think they can just come in there and ruin his 'fun' he's having? NO And so Hatty's change into the lifeless puppeteer he was forced to be is a reflexion of the Narrator's dramatic change into a rage-like fury. So the 'Narrator' using his superpowers and makes hatty shoot out lazers from his eyes Causing HoneyHUG to die, and his corpse make an endless storm of 'space bear blood' And now the narrator is throwing his tantrum, making everything go his way now and not to let some punks ruin his entertainment anymore. That's where Game 4 comes in. The Narrator is furious, and now he 'picks up where he left off.' Act 3: Horatio the Blueberry Farmer Before we dive into the theory, here's a transcript for Game 4's opening cinematic. The 'Deity' Narrator: "I find myself wondering what the world must've been like... before the 'bear' crashed into our frail planet. >Transforming all we once knew into a colorful kaleidescope of delicious chaos.. and I love.. IT. The world was more hospitable no doubt, more orderly, more sensibly sickening: because it sounded boring." "And I HATE being bored!" "I cant imagine a world without the bear, or the storms. Yes...the storms! Beautiful waves of emerald blood cried out from the heavens, promising death and lawless desiree. Constantly upsetting the order. ----I get butterflies in my tummy just by thinking about it." "YESS... YESSS.. Speaking of which--- YESS. YESSSS.." K, well that is just some evidence on Act 1. If you haven't read it, please pardon my dust [as I've bored you, just like the cats bored their deity. Let's picked up where we were, the Narrator got up from his 'lazy' chair and is now DONE with the past ways he thought he could entertain himself. Because someone screwed it up and made it boring for him. Now he's entertaining himself, FOR HIMSELF. ...and he loves chaos, doesn't he? Something which lacked at the end of Battle Block Theater... What order! "I SAID HORATIO DIES, OOPS.. BUTTERFINGERS." "NAUGHTY BOYS WHO DONT LISTEN GET PUNISHED" "And all of this will haunt him, until I decide to end his misery. What.. fun!" The Narrator is now narrating his own story, for himself. Finding joy in 'death and lawless desiree' This is where we pick up on Game 4. Where the Narrator decides to narrate the 'Tragedy of Horatio' A story he caused, and a story he will continue to make horrendous for Horatio and his companions. Oh.. What- fun. Just to cure his boredom. Wouldn't be surprised if the Narrator was the 'final boss' in Game 4 CMON BEHEMOTH, YOU CAN DO BETTER LORE. I CHALLENGE YOU TO MAKE SOMETHING SO UNEXPECTED and deep TO THE POINT WHERE I'D DELETE THIS POST OF OF PURE EMBARRASSMENT OF how ignorant I was. (even though i figured it out WAAAAAYY before you thought the players would figure it out) Welp, TL;DR The 'Narrator' in Game 4 is the same narrator from BBT. The 'Narrator' is seen as his own character. Hatty Hattington and his gang created 'more order' in the theater the cat's made to please and entertain their deity; the 'Narrator' (who has god-like powers, who can create/change/cause/or destroy anything with the power of his narration) Hatty has brought more order, bringing boredom to the Narrator. The Narrator lost his 'chill' and decided that nobody knew how to entertain him correctly except himself. So now he's rendering space and time as we all know it into one being. Pure chaos, to entertain himself. It's time for revenge.. AND... SCENE! WAIT WAIT HATTY DIDN'T CAUSE GAME 4, BUT WAS THE PUPPET OF THE 'NARRATOR' Kinda ironic, ain't it? Poetic Justice, how Hatty Hattington was technically the puppeteer of 'Battle Block Theater' but was A puppet to the Narrator.
  3. I think that the cats would not be an implied background object. Meaning that, if you're using Dan's style: anything that's in the background for aesthetic or decor that has no function should NOT have black outlines. The cat looks like it serves a function so it'd help if you gave him a black outline. Right now it looks out of place. Also, your color scheme is not in favor of your visual direction right now.. >The picture frame of the cat is what stands out the most. Try darkening up the CAT'S orange line-art outline as it doesnt have enough contrast with its inside shading.
  4. Jurassic

    Jurassic's Art

    I design in FireAlpaca, though this isn't my best design. A new design will be up shortly! It's concept art for a new game: Phinny!
  5. Do you have a skype? It'd be grear if you could critique some of my attempts at a half-Dan (Paladin) style and a half ME-style.
  6. Jurassic

    Jurassic's Art

    I design in FireAlpaca, though this isn't my best design. A new design will be up shortly! It's concept art for a new game: Phinny!
  7. The anatomy on the upper torso is quite a bit off when you look at the piece as a whole. Think about how big the arms are because they should complement the entire body at least to an extent.
  8. Hopefully we get to see the role Will Stamper ultimately plays in 'Game 4'. Anyone picking up on any cues or innuendos that the others haven't caught onto. Or maybe The Behemoth haven't decided and are still in the means of creating his character. Ideas/Suggestions are okay too!
  9. Jurassic

    Jurassic's Art

    Thanks everybody! I'll get to finishing and refining it soon.