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  1. currently on steam arena. waiting for players!
  2. Thanks guys! it's just the fact that I finished it a week earlier that made me a bit angry. I will do it again though!
  3. My Battleblock theater on Steam has no record of my progress, and I completed the story on normal a week ago! PLEASE HALP MEH
  4. This happens to me so much on steam i wait for 30 mins for one player who lags a ton!
  5. BEHEMOTH PLEASE GET ALIEN HOMINID ON STEAM You still have many fans on this platform, we will purchase it!
  6. lol i just remembered that this morning. i feel so stupid!
  7. wow these are so good, i would buy those, i especially love the thief!
  8. I have the Rubber Sword, but i play on steam
  9. I've been looking all over and i can't find any GIF that has the fat kid dancing, i can try and contact one of my friends to make one. Ill see what i can do.
  10. It's honestly not a big deal, it helps raising the popularity of games by the behemoth, but it's kind of unfair for those who had to pay for the game.
  11. Hmm... lol i remember now, ha that was so funny