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  1. currently on steam arena. waiting for players!
  2. Thanks guys! it's just the fact that I finished it a week earlier that made me a bit angry. I will do it again though!
  3. My Battleblock theater on Steam has no record of my progress, and I completed the story on normal a week ago! PLEASE HALP MEH
  4. This happens to me so much on steam i wait for 30 mins for one player who lags a ton!
  5. BEHEMOTH PLEASE GET ALIEN HOMINID ON STEAM You still have many fans on this platform, we will purchase it!
  6. lol i just remembered that this morning. i feel so stupid!
  7. wow these are so good, i would buy those, i especially love the thief!
  8. I have the Rubber Sword, but i play on steam
  9. I've been looking all over and i can't find any GIF that has the fat kid dancing, i can try and contact one of my friends to make one. Ill see what i can do.
  10. It's honestly not a big deal, it helps raising the popularity of games by the behemoth, but it's kind of unfair for those who had to pay for the game.
  11. Hmm... lol i remember now, ha that was so funny
  12. Well I mean I play on Steam, but Xbox and the whole "free with gold" thing, is just to obtain more customers, Microsoft already has enough money, if you ask me they are so greedy.
  13. NicholasMed

    Game 4 - Xbox One

    Well two things are certain...It's co-op and it's comical.