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  1. A1rPun

    Aichomancer's Character Tiers

    The Mage descriptions make no sense at all !
  2. A1rPun

    2X4 And Rubber Handle Sword

    Yeah it is actually
  3. A1rPun

    Guide To Mana Cost And Mechanics

    What is the difference between default & non-elemental? I thought you had: - Poison - Lightning - Ice - Fire - Normal - Pierce (x2 damage) source (character guide by Zauron)
  4. A1rPun

    The Vending Machine Game

    You get a ceiling with a hole in it. I insert a rainbow
  5. A1rPun

    The Vending Machine

    You get all of the fallout games. I insert a note that says 'get rekt'.
  6. Playing Castle Crashers on PS3

    1. Cat Guard

      Cat Guard

      Playing Castle Crashers on XB360 </3

    2. jonah


      Playing castle crashers on nothing, left my computer at home

  7. A1rPun

    Hazard's Castle Crashers Weapon Guide

    I actually use weapons only for the looks I equip my favorite weapon Skeleton Leg on my favorite character The Necromancer. This combination fits so good together I also use my favorite pet Bitey Bat with this combination. IRL I have a necromancer statue with a bitey bat keychain . I use the overpowered Snakey mace only for my green knight & snakey because they are both green.
  8. A1rPun

    Pet/animal Orb Tiers (Unfinished)

    Ok, lets do it! I have the programming skills to set up a really nice page for it.. Or we can just use the default templates
  9. A1rPun

    Hazard's Castle Crashers Tier List V1.0

    Every magic is weak in insane mode (except industrialist) so I don't agree with you that the red knight is weak. Trapping is a very good tactic if you know how the AI works. You mention "Cultists or other lightning resistant enemies" but do you know there are also enemies which are weak to lightning? How does iceskimo have more freedom for combo's? I do agree it could be ranked higher because of his "unlimited XXXY". "Ninja actually does have faster melee, but only on the ground" You got to be kidding me, I WANT PROOF! The hit counter is a interesting subject and I actually learned something from your post
  10. Awesome guide Hazard. Glad I could provide some info and making the gifs was very fun. Took me about 1 1/2 hour to make them. Not including the time spend getting the blue knight to level 50 I think this guide will grow over time and help alot of players.
  11. A1rPun

    Gold Skull Count

    Hey DANKEST DANKLORD, which platform are you playing on? And why do you did the peasant twice?
  12. A1rPun

    Every Item Obtainable Through Digging Guide

    Tried digging the water in flooded temple and it actually works There isn't anything there, unfortunately.
  13. A1rPun

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

  14. A1rPun

    2X4 And Rubber Handle Sword

    Did you get it already? Can share it too on PS3.
  15. A1rPun

    Find people to play CC with here!

    @SwAg_OuT_MaX: We can play sometime Hit me up on PSN: A1rPun