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  1. I actually use weapons only for the looks :) I equip my favorite weapon Skeleton Leg on my favorite character The Necromancer. This combination fits so good together :D I also use my favorite pet Bitey Bat with this combination. IRL I have a necromancer statue with a bitey bat keychain :arrow:.

    I use the overpowered Snakey mace only for my green knight & snakey because they are both green.

  2. In my opinion, Red Knight shouldn't be so high on the tier list.


    Red Knight's magic is very weak on Insane Mode. You can barely kill a Barbarian a max potential. You say that Red Knight is easy to trap enemies? I find that to be untrue, enemies have good AI on Insane and walk behind you every single bloody time. Not to mention it doesn't hold beefies completely still.


    His other magic is no different than a dagger, but they have an element, so you can't attack Cultists or other lightning resistant enemies. His Elemental Infusion is absolutely terrible, since it's pretty much Gray Knight's . That's...not good...


    There's more problem for me as well.


    Iceskimo should be = to Blue Knight. Since he has half ie half non-elemental he has MUCH more freedom when it comes to combos. He, like blue Knight, have an unlimited XXXY. This easily makes this character superior to almost every other character for normal enemies, since this is almost 20x more effective than the next best, Non-Elemental.  


    When enemies are frozen, their hit counter will be reset. This means that even after unlocking the level 50 XXXYY combo, using it's only a waste of time for Blue Knight, because he doesn't need that second "Y" to knock the enemies over and reset the hit counter, because it's already reset by the ice. Blue Knight and Iceskimo can therefore repeat this infinitely, and they're the only two characters that can do this. Everyone else needs to use the drill spin to reset the hit counter.

    Since the combo can't be interrupted by anything except for straggling enemies and other players, that means that the damage is actually as high as the health of the enemy with the most health that can still be combo locked, which is the Beefy Brute, who has 4,500 HP on insane mode, meaning that the max damage is 4,500 when being used as an infinite.

    If Trolls, are used as an example, then the max damage is infinity, as trolls can't be beheaded, so the combo can continue forever, but with ANY other combo, the troll would die as soon as its HP hit zero.

    One can conclude that the Ice XXXY is either infinitely better than all of the rest combined, or least 20.45x (4,500/220) better than the next best, which is Non-Elemental. 


    I could list a few more things,


    Brute and Snakey are actually equal, their projectiles are the same and the only difference is the look. 

    Ninja actually does have faster melee, but only on the ground

    Pink Knight has the longest range in the game, as does Orange Knight, and has 16 splash hits (4 per rainbow)



    I'll list more when I think of them.


    Thanks you for taking the time to read this


    Every magic is weak in insane mode (except industrialist) so I don't agree with you that the red knight is weak. Trapping is a very good tactic if you know how the AI works. You mention "Cultists or other lightning resistant enemies" but do you know there are also enemies which are weak to lightning?


    How does iceskimo have more freedom for combo's? I do agree it could be ranked higher because of his "unlimited XXXY".


    "Ninja actually does have faster melee, but only on the ground"

    You got to be kidding me, I WANT PROOF!


    The hit counter is a interesting subject and I actually learned something from your post :)

  3. For the first time ever, I ran across someone who had the Rubber Handled Sword on PS3 Friday.  Unfortunately he wasn't willing to trade it.


    That's the only weapon, item, animal orb, or character that I'm missing.  Grr...


    Did you get it already? Can share it too on PS3.

  4. Nice update but you should remove this section:
    Regardless what anyone else tells you, this pet is found in the Flooded Temple, not Medusa's Lair

    I can guarantee you it's located in Medusa's Lair! In all versions. Flooded temple is a very short level with 2 waves of fish.

    Castlecrashers.wikia is not a reliable source btw. Use the recent guides from Hazard to get some actual facts ;)

  5. Another great guide Hazard!

    BiPolar Bear in F :cry: *snik* ... easily my favorite pet for insane! For many reasons but the main reason @U-Knighted already posted.. frost king (& corn boss).


    Also, Hawkster is much better then you'd think. He is better then Scratchpaw by a long shot. As well as having a healing ability, he pecks enemies on the ground. His pecks do 1 damage, and give you 5 XP per peck. Thus, making him much better for XP farming then Girrafey. He hits enemies 1-4 times, which gives you 20 XP at max potential. You'd have to hit someone 200 times in order to get that much XP with Girrafey. 


    As a bonus, Hawkster can transfer crits and elemental effects. He is the best pet I know of.


    5XP per peck? Source? I think each peck just is 1XP and a total of 1-4XP. On insane this obviously doubles.

  6. I typically mess around with kids in arena (Freezelocking with blue or Stunlocking with brute)  Kids always assume 'stupid hacker he should be easy to beat'.


    Lol. I tried to beat a hacker but all I did was 1 damage and I couldn't juggle him.


    Played with my cousins, TheForgottenKnight, and IndustrialKnight at the very start.  I solo'd for the remaining 27 (Except for the Tornado Necrosane fights).  Solo is easier because you don't have to get multiple people who know what to do.  Now, I just try to help other people through insane and make guides/teach them techniques to get good.


    Wow you have a cool family with multiple masters of castle crashers :) Great work on the guides! I have the urge to create a dedicated website/wiki (or improve castlewiki) for all information you have provided and all the information I want to write down (I'm not a fan of threads with this sort of stuff, they get lost easily unless they get stickied or you land there via google).


    Haha, I got called a hacker by some kid because I was air juggling in the air and he was like "You can't fly! You're a freaking hacker!!!!" I had to explain what a combo is, and how to use it lol


    Hahaha that is funny.

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  7. Damn, I don't get why people kick someone before they even play with them. For arena I don't even fight when I know they are doing it just doing to lengthen their e-p****s. I try to get into STT(XYY) invincibility to piss them off.


    And It's actually impossible for me to get the pink knight so I'm always stuck at 30 ;) I have like 15 level 99 characters so I will be looking legit for a while :D.


    I'm wondering how many crashers have also gotten the ultimate challenge done like you Hazard? There are a couple of legends in this thread. I've learned crashing from my master Halfcoordinated. Played some sick games with aced, mattyg, beermeup and 2 guys I won't mention because they hacked afterwards. Oh and TONS of randoms. What about you?


    PS: I'ts because the pink knight is not allowed in the dutch store :evil:.