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  1. Good list, I just can't accept bear & saracen be the lowest of the F tier. They are good in arena & they have a hidden move which is invincible to splash damage (I believe). You can do this with A+A (turtle) after that RT+Y (tornado).
  2. Woah Hazard, you are doing great things for the current/upcoming community. After 3 years of playing CC I still learned from this post
  3. Great job Hazard/BeatsByDay. I have all the golden skulls (except pink knight ) above level 80 but getting all to 99 is a serious achievement. I hope people won't recognize you as a cheater tho that would suck.
  4. @Skirczak If you manage to find a way to do this consistently, please let me know. I've only seen it once Also the final boss can be slapped in a way he is not moving at all (2nd floating ball form). Seen it twice. Never found a way to do this consistent.
  5. Awesome idea! Really like the name, visuals and effects
  6. I can confirm all of them I know alot more but the list is too big.. and I hope they never fix it!
  7. A good place to practice is the Industrial Castle door Level 8!
  8. I did it! All Gold Now I can move on with my life I had a fun time getting them all to gold (28 default characters). Next up all 99s? Got them all above lvl 60. Thank you so much! I literally created a second account which I spend $10 on. I downloaded pink knight and it wasn't compatible with my game.. so I also need to download CC from the US store. Idk if my save file currupts if I do this. Still hoping it coming to The Netherlands!
  9. Yes, but you have to stay at one place only and it works on solo. Currently 27 golden skulls. Open faced grey knight and thief were my 2 latest. 1 to go, BARBARIAN.
  10. My favorite when I'm using necro .
  11. The horn doesn't save on PSN (I believe due to a glitch) there's no way for you to get it accept by beating the corn boss again (although tedious very very easy) and this post was answered a while back. It won't save but what @Zephyr was saying you can go through without doing the corn boss again.
  12. @greedow. Some DLC arent available in some countries. I feel your pain.
  13. on PSN I suppose? I live in NL and I have no problems connecting to america/canada.
  14. Easy on the posts bro Add me if you want and msg me if I have max friends. A1rPun
  15. It's PSN... I only know of 5 players that can actually match my skill, and only one that can beat me 3/4 of the time (and that's WootyWootman). I wanna see that Can I add you too GameCRAZY_02?
  16. I agree with you (with the whole post obviously). Whahahahaha great.
  17. This made me LOL! Yes he did. And it was his first. You surely love sonic xD I can't imagine levels based on sonic. Can you describe it ^^? I'm standing here at the waterfront village... I LIEK TURTLES too! Not with software. Xbox or ps3? I think you are ending up building your own customized keyboard which will cost more than a new controller. Behemoth made a arcade system for CC and they showed the making of too in a video. I would like to have that too!
  18. Yo, let me randomly hookup on the subject. You should do it because it is an AWESOME idea because I've been gathering some stuff I never seen or hear people do in CC. You did alot for the community and mostly trying to help people so I think you are the right man. Now a little offtopic. When I was reading this: It looked that you talked to me.. lol. Let me explain. I've recently gotten 22 golden skulls. Solod insane mode once. I did level skip. I do not think that someone has the most knowledge of the game. HalfCoordinated got me really hooked to the game and got me past necro too (for the first time tho). Playing for 2 years now on Ps3. I never met you online (unfortunately) and think you are getting a little too hard on TFK. I've been lurking the forums so now and then to see how the community is still active. TFK is a good guy who is a gamer and whats to be the best! like me and even you I guess Some people online like beermeup aren't active on these forums but are amazing at this game and know alot (btw beermeup only drinks beer and shoots arrows.. all day. LEGEND). Let me sum up some things you guys maybe did not know about Slowfall without magic jumping or jumping from a ledge (with this method you can fly in the final cutscene ) From flying to slow fall mid-air (and back) <- I discovered this (I hope ) Fly in the first level cutscene, up the stairs to the right, and skip to the next level Pickup your weapon up with boomerang <- I like this one and you may already know it If you XXXY,SSST a enemy player in arena and beat him you will win and he still stands Some crazy stuff I've seen Knocked the head of the dragon to the left. Final boss ball form got stucked in the air. Let me know if you know some of this or even all of this . Peace
  19. Alone can be difficult. Which levels do you have trouble with?
  20. If you play ps3 I would Btw one of the links in your sig isnt working. Currently at 19 golden skulls
  21. MisterFantasmo is one of my favorite commentators. He started a Lets Play Castle Crashers series just this week. They are not that good but it is fun to watch He is playing with his best friend TheKidLazer on PS3.