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  1. The purple looks awesome! /offtopic I still play on PSN
  2. Indeed, rocks can still hit you. If you want to get back into the screen you just have to go to the right.
  3. http://castlecrashers.wikia.com/wiki/Barbarian Juggling trolls with slow infinite((XX)XXY,(SS)SST) or fast infinite(XXYY,SSTT) combo's is IMO the best way to level up. Giraffey Needed!
  4. I guess some of us really want to see some new characters. I'm still waiting for BB and pink knight.
  5. "Noobish"* players play often with the red knight because its easy in arena and crowd control. *Don't know how to juggle
  6. Alright! I'm going to try that. Counting and pressing buttons at the same time. BTW was that your guide or do you have more tips ? IF you do... save it for your guide!
  7. I wish it was available that quick! /saracen I mean /sarcasm
  8. Yes, I was talking about random online games. This thread is complete now. Thanks.
  9. I've been looking for someone who could explain some things about arrow spamming. Aced told me about rhythm but I cant seem to get it done with consistency. Maybe I have no rhythm LOL .
  10. Saw the post by g0b about the most unused characters and thought it would be fun to list some overused characters. In my opinion it's either Red Knight or Industrialist ====
  11. This. Saracen and Dark wizard are rarely seen.
  12. Friend, you should post this in http://forums.thebehemoth.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=937..
  13. A year on PSN.. Makes me sad Can someone cheer me up with rainbows?
  14. 10th with orange knight today. Now I've completed my goal to have the four started knights golden. Time to set new goals. Might go for Alien/Bear next
  15. I don't have the pink knight and I've stolen :P/ traded the weapons many times but it didn't work. I want to buy it tho! So please make pink knight available for download in the Netherlands.. We are a happy country!
  16. Brute and Snakey have Earth magic.
  17. Can you try to do it? Maybe it works on both consoles.
  18. When you hold block at the well in Wizard castle takeoff you fly off the screen. Can't be done on solo (PS3 confirmed)
  19. Never fought the ninja and skeleton beefys.. LOL 1) Troll boss Insane in Thieves Forest 2) Painter boss 3) Catfish (I love the puke sound) OEHEOE
  20. A water knight would be cool. His magic should be slowing down enemies with water. The Teal Knight?