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  1. Similar to Arrow Rain except instead of 3 arrows, it drops a set of weapons (an arrow, an axe, and a wooden stake) and they fall out of the sky from both directions instead of all coming from above and behind the character. Each upgrade level adds another set of arrow+axe+spear, but each set of weapons can only hit the same enemy once per set.


    Juggling trolls with slow infinite((XX)XXY,(SS)SST) or fast infinite(XXYY,SSTT) combo's is IMO the best way to level up. Giraffey Needed!

  2. I'm guessing this question is referring to random online multiplayer games? Typically for the most part you're going to see people selecting the 4 default knights. The characters that are unlocked further down the road after beating the game with specific characters you won't see as much due to the fact they aren't immediately available. Plus people tend to spend more time getting a gold skull with one of the default characters early on because of the initial time invested in leveling them up in the first place.

    Yes, I was talking about random online games.

    This thread is complete now. Thanks.

  3. I don't see a lot of bears and the bear is my favorite. I also don't see too many royal guards. In my opinion the royal guard is one of the least visually appealing characters and he has the same magic as the cone head and grey knight, which I would take over the royal guard any day.

    This. Saracen and Dark wizard are rarely seen.