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  1. Please Explain.. plus you can connect a controller to a pc.
  2. You can throw a boomerang to knock down the saracen who is holding the map at volleyball part and he will not deliver the map, although you get it. (charge your boomarang when you have 9 points ) You can "get out" of the following levels (as far as I know) - Thieves Forest - Alien ship - Sand Castle Interior - Wizard Castle Interior (painter+cyclops room) * I saw enemies walking off screen on Sand Castle Roof and Medusa's Liar. You can do the whirlwind magic with bear and saracen to float over water in rapids ride/catfish. I've smacked the dragons head in lava world to the left once but I don't know how I did it. Someone had this too and know how to do it?
  3. You unlock ninja by completing the game with fire demon, which you will unlock with the orange knight. An easy way to complete the campaign is skipping levels but it makes the game less fun I think. Buy plenty of potions and equip alot of +DEF stats (necromancer blade, snail) if you are dying too much. I hope you'll unlock the ninja soon!
  4. This thread made castle crashers more fun for me! btw first post