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  1. Man you guys are lucky school started on the 4th for me....
  2. Banned for for not always changing your avatar.
  3. Here it is! Tiny Monkey(hopefully this will show up)
  4. Please don't triple post. The last one I have no idea why it's there,and your not helping,please answer my question....that is if you know.
  5. Banned for not being a spooky ghost like me.
  6. banned for not disrespecting your elders.
  7. Banned for forgiving melted cow.
  8. Banned for being toast in a colorful background.
  9. I really like this band's songs,their not that popular sadly and the band disbanded.
  10. Your're banned for living near the ocean
  11. i think turret 100 When life gives you lemons go murder a clown.
  12. Oh sorry,I thought about doing that but wasn't sure if it was a good idea.
  13. I feel like I should revive this game...anyone wanna play?
  14. Half Life 2 + Battleblock Theater=Half-block 2 Half-Life 2 is the second one in the series and Battleblock is only one....2+1=3 Half-Life 3 confirmed!