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  1. Tomorrow the game isnt anymore free. And it is still noch available in curious how i will get it for free, when it is available...
  2. In the Austria and the US Store from my ONE and the website want my Creditcard, for a 0,00€/$ game! Why? In the German store the game dont even exist. What must i do to download it? And what happend when all the many problems are solved after the 20.? Than i can still get it for free, right? Because that is not my fault.
  3. And? How can i get CC for free without any Creditcard?
  4. Now i can get it for free but need a Creditcard! Why?! And on the Xbox Website it cant find the game
  5. I am having this exact issue. I even tried re-downloading it as well on the 360. Hey, y'all! If you own Castle Crashers on Xbox 360, have a Xbox Live Gold membership, and you don't see the free version of Castle Crashers Remastered for Xbox One then please hold tight for now. Investigations are happening! (Most recent tweet: Oki doki.
  6. Still waiting that the Xbox Store noticed that ive purchased the Game on 360...
  7. Metal Gear Solid 5 Far Cry 4 Game 4 Dragon Age Inquisition In that Order.
  8. Awesome! Happy Birthday Castle Crashers! @topic: my favorite Boss is the Industrial Boss. he looked after his defeat of so....Yeah....Cute?
  9. Games i Hate? Mhh,,,,, the Witcher 2, Half Life 2, GTA IV.
  10. Thats better than Most of the other theorys
  11. Congratulation! 6 years! So much Time. How old is this Forum?