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  1. yeah what are u willing to trade for Mr. Peabody?
  2. I think were gonna need a bigger boat...
  3. I was gonna say that dang it. oops
  4. Im looking to Trade One these heads for The King: - Gerard - Behemoth Chicken - Fat Kid - The Monster My GT: foote711
  5. how do you know if there being re-released soon lol? I saw u said the same thing on another topic.
  6. What star heads DO you have? maybe we could figure out a trade
  7. Star Heads Wanted: -The Monster -Cecil -The King -Thief -Final Unicorn Star Heads Im Willing To Trade: -Giraffy -Castle Crashers -Barbarian -FatKid -Troll -Jonny Four -Duckshark -Santa -Furbottom -Tooth Brush -Blockateer -Snail -Cat Control -Hooshmand The Wise -Hatzilla -Boom -Mr. Peabody -I see you -Donut -Moose -Little Feets -The Dad -Meebs -Tiny Cyclops -Triple Threat My GT: foote711
  8. hey Blue ninja i was wondering since i just paid for cat control and you can now get it for free would i be able to trade it back to u for something else thats available?
  9. Cat Control Please! My Gamertag- foote711 Thanks! And I'm in EST also and I'm after 3 on weekdays, and on a lot during the day on weekends.
  10. Gamertag- foote711 Head Wanted- The King ! Payment- 100 gems Time- Anytime! Thanks
  11. Gamertag: foote711 Ill take anything u got !