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  1. 25% off please ! XD I have added you (please check), I'm OccupiedMarkus. I'll be on live during 1900-2100.
  2. is the server down or something? I can play on it on the morning but then during noon it says Battleblock Theater server is not available.
  3. Rectangle lion head... Thief... jack O'lantern... Troll... Behemoth...
  4. GT: OccupiedMarkus Oh please this is still a valid offer
  5. I'll pay 100 gems for any star heads. ( I got siren, duck shark, 50%, peabody, fbi1, moose, snail, triple threat, i see you, toothbrush, troll and donut)
  6. would u like peabody? I wanna trade for behemoth chicken or I can buy it for gems
  7. I would prefer trading tmr, let me know if it is okie for ya and please invite me
  8. Erm...GOt a question....My sis and I have both completed the Suicidal Circus but it gave us the Blocketeer instead of the Triple Threat...
  9. Opps. Also I would like to trade for The King for 20 yarns
  10. Sure man thanks for the tip I'll add ya right away