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  1. Occupiedmarkus

    Star Head Giveaway - Hooray!

    25% off please ! XD I have added you (please check), I'm OccupiedMarkus. I'll be on live during 1900-2100.
  2. is the server down or something? I can play on it on the morning but then during noon it says Battleblock Theater server is not available.
  3. Occupiedmarkus

    Free Star Heads For Everyone!

    Thief plz xd
  4. where is the secret level again ?O.O
  5. Occupiedmarkus

    ★ Top Favourite Prisoners ★

    Rectangle lion head... Thief... jack O'lantern... Troll... Behemoth...
  6. Srsly, is there a easier to get pass the finale...not kidding... ?
  7. Occupiedmarkus

    Free Cecils

    GT: OccupiedMarkus Oh please this is still a valid offer
  8. Occupiedmarkus

    The Trader's Plaza

    I'll pay 100 gems for any star heads. ( I got siren, duck shark, 50%, peabody, fbi1, moose, snail, triple threat, i see you, toothbrush, troll and donut)
  9. Occupiedmarkus

    I Need A Few Star Heads

    would u like peabody? I wanna trade for behemoth chicken or I can buy it for gems
  10. I found it so hard to get pass the spinning saw at the finale..........
  11. Occupiedmarkus

    The Collectors' Corner [Stocking]

    I would prefer trading tmr, let me know if it is okie for ya and please invite me
  12. Alright! Thanks a lot for answering my concern!
  13. Erm...GOt a question....My sis and I have both completed the Suicidal Circus but it gave us the Blocketeer instead of the Triple Threat...
  14. Occupiedmarkus

    The Collectors' Corner [Stocking]

    Opps. Also I would like to trade for The King for 20 yarns
  15. Occupiedmarkus

    The Trader's Plaza

    Sure man thanks for the tip I'll add ya right away