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  1. Recent studies show everyone always asks the same questions while watching the ending: "What were they smoking?.......... I want some."
  2. That's too complicated to read. The industrialist is basically Metal Man from MM2. He throws buzz saws, and he can spam it. IZ NICE.
  3. I'm not flaming anyone, and I'm not using foul language. You guys are the ones pulling your hairs out.
  4. Good boy. You let them know how to do their job. Here's a cookie. *hugs* I love you =)
  5. *yawn* nope, but it's still there in case you REAAAAAALLY wanna download it. And it's better for it to be there, than for it to not be there at all.
  6. In my country, they would go crazy for these two! [gestures to another woman] Not so much...And sure include volleyball dlc. I wouldnt buy it though, DLC is mainly what I consider a waste, unless its on rock band. Who said it couldn't be packaged with a character unlock or free? It's just an idea that I hope will gain support. I understand what you ean Destertthug except when it comes to rock band, charging money for songs that they just add buttons too doesn't seem right to me. Then again to each his own. You ever programmed a song for DDR or Rockband before?
  7. I don't mind buying stuff if it's something everyone will get... but it sucks to download a song and then NOBODY has it. The volleyball thing might not appeal to everyone... that's the only reason I could think of to make it free..
  8. ... Really constructive post cel... you have a talent for that. Thanks. I love you.
  9. OK!!!! princesses can be playable characters. But they have to be in bikinis. The purple one ... not so much.
  10. I'm fine, I don't even take myself seriously. But some people do. I think it's because half of what you say is not nice at all, or just random. well, more then half, practically everything, you just seem to use the right words that push the wrong buttons on a lot of people. Although seeing some of them freak out is a little satisfying, I say with a little shame. Why else would I do it? I just do it because I know people get flustered so easily. Plus, I can't help but be disgusted at all the stupid questions. Besides, every forum has to have a jackass. I saw the position was available so I took it. Besides, I told my friend I'd do it. And he was like "okay, but if anyone asks me, I don't know you". Who's my friend? secret~ But let's just say, it's hilarious to me and him. Also, to all the stupid threads like "oh the magic could be better" or "the game could be longer", that just pisses me off and is actually pretty offensive to the dev team. But they're not gonna come out and be like "hey why are you being such a LOVEing douche?". And I'd rather TRY to not argue, so I'm just going to make fun of them. I'll let someone else flame them. Special olympics. Edit: see what I mean? like the thread that just got locked? Stupid questions. Stupid people.
  11. Oh come on, game's only been out a week and you all are already demanding DLC... sheesh, seriously. 8=D