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  1. I don't know, it's not the fact that people have work or school, it's the fact that it's constantly the same people posting... it's kinda like a dieing population due to the fact that there are too many elderly and not enough young, and the younger adults take the jobs and don't have enough time to raise a familly (or join the forums) and the ones that are in the forums (The elderly) Are dieing away slowly... Just a metaphor... But yes, always the same people.
  2. I think hominids Y magic goes accross the whole screen doesnt it? Yes, but hise ( attack is useless as dung. Does less damage, and does not set enemies on fire, only sightly good against Fire Demons due to the fact that the Fire Demons have Fire Resistance.
  3. Yellow Knight could have speed magic? (teleportation rush, if you have played Fable (the first) & have a happy face instead of a regular knight face.)
  4. Wierd thing is... I always play as those two characters, they're some of my favorites. One for me would be: Snakey
  5. Sounds more like a D.L.C. idea to me, eh?
  6. If your still available, i'll play. I got a Barbarian Level 38 and a King level 29, Alien level 27. King is a healer so... yeah.
  7. I have Alien Homonid Gun, King sceptre and all the D.L.C. on Xbox, Why would you want D.L.C. weapons though? I don't think they save onto your character if you don't have the D.L.C.
  8. I have the rubber handed sword, green gem blade, silver lightning bolt,and a few other rare weapons, but no ninja claw.
  9. I play Halo: Reach often, would be glad to play.
  10. I also have the rubber handed sword, have no idea what the "bloody sword" is, and nija claw... I need that as well.
  11. I like the posts, some of these ideas are pretty awesome. Too bad it's only a "What if..." eh?
  12. Okay, so I was playing on Xbox 360 live network on Castle Crashers and I found one of those modded guys who just cheat instead of have fun, but whilst scrolling through his character list I say the crying Battle Block Theater man... Is this going to be a new added character to the game?