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  1. Would prefer if the account was deleted/banned... Thanks
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I do not use this account anymore and noticed that there is no option for me to delete it myself. I was wondering if anyone out there is able to completely delete this account and everything I have posted? If so, thanks.
  3. I'll start this off by saying that my favourite prisoner has to be Hooshmand The Wise, because CATS ARE AWESOME, and Hooshmand is the best looking/most awesome cat there is. Fun Fact: Hooshmand means wise. Wise the wise. My sister also wanted me to put that her favourite prisoner is The Final Unicorn, because she loves unicorns.
  4. Welcome to the Top Favourite Prisoners Thread! I have dedicated this thread to finding out what the community thinks is the very best prisoner/head out there! This includes both Star/Special heads and your average everyday not-so-special shape heads. Any prisoner can be the best prisoner (Custom prisoners are not allowed)! All it takes is your vote, and here's how it will work: Below, tell me which prisoner is your absolute favourite, and why, whether it be because of it's hilarious looking face or because it reminds you of someone you know, I want to know why that prisoner deserves to be the very best! And if you can't choose just one, you can feel free to choose your top two or three favourites. Just don't choose all of them... Okay? (Some of the non-special heads don't have a name, so if you pick one of them, make sure you leave a link to a picture, or find out what their name is.) Whichever prisoner is voted for the most will get to wear the Crown of the Very Best. So scroll down, and tell me who deserves to wear the crown! Looks like Lava Lamp is the first to 3 votes, so it shall be the first to wear The Crown! Special Prisoner List and Prisoner Populaton Chart: ♛CROWN OF THE VERY BEST♛
  5. Yeah, how does that work? Because it's been 3 days for me as well, and it says you can only order one head every 3 days. And if you don't follow that rule, you're temporarily banned. So...I don't want to get banned but can I order another head? If so: GT - Hoboking257 Head - The Nose Knows Payment - 20 yarn Time zone - Pacific Standard Time Time - 7:30 - 12:00 Mon - Fri Sorry if I am out of place ordering another head but it has been three days, so I'm just curious. well then, GT - xDerpySquid11x Head - Tiny Monkey it says you have it in stock Time Zone - Western Time - 9:00 pm - 2:00 am anyday or 11:00 am - 3:00 on weekdays Yeah I wasn't 100% sure but in the rules it says once you make a request you must wait 3 more days until you can make another, so I don't think we're doing anything wrong. Btw I had a feeling once I made my second request other people would start as well
  6. Looking for the Lava Lamp, offering 150 gems.
  7. It's been more than 3 days since my last request, and since I haven't got my last head yet I figured why not make another request since it's been over 3 days and that way I can get both heads at once. Gamertag: Aidenham Head Wanted: Swamp Bro Method of Payment: 20 more yarn Timezone/Time: Same as last time (MST), I added you as a friend on XBOX so I'll keep an eye out for when you're online
  8. If you happen to have Barbarian or Swamp Bro I am willing to trade Cat Control for either of those.
  9. 114 Hatty Hattington's Hats
  10. Your cat becomes the most talented and smartest cat on Earth, gets a job as a cat guard in Battleblock, makes millions of the shiny moneys, and gives it to you. I sit down.
  11. Yeah or a GEM trophy maybe for beating every level with an A++ grade, because I hear about all these people trying to get all A pluses when I believe there is no reward, not even an achievement.
  12. I was wondering the same thing. I am free pretty much the whole day so today would be a good day to trade.
  13. I think mine will go down in history as the best drawing ever: I don't even know...