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  1. Sure thing, friend request has been sent.I don't believe i got it. Maybe send again? What is your GT?Sent the friend request again. Your profile has drake on it right?
  2. Sure thing, friend request has been sent.
  3. Alright my search is now down to one, Cecil. I also added more to the have list like Boom!, Paul, Man Birth, and a few more so give it another look!
  4. Still need Cecil and Final Unicorn guys! Not sure if there's still people around but I wouldn't mind getting my last 2 star heads.
  5. Can someone tell me how to pass the second part of the final map in the playlist? I'm at the room where there's lava bounce blocks on one side and the other there's fans. Edit: I just did it on my first try on the second run, which I couldn't do for a minute on my first try.
  6. Unless I'm missing something here, he's asking for w/e star head was being given at the time.
  7. Down to my last 3 guys! Removed thief from my need list and Boom! From have list.
  8. Well that's very generous of you, thanks for the opportunity. I'm interested in monster if it's still available?
  9. I'm guessing the offer applies only to cat guard/melted cow but in any case... I got yarn if you're willing to trade for one of your extras?
  10. I've noticed a trend on this site for a while now, do people ever bother to read?
  11. Update: Removed Rose/Toast/Little Feets from need list. Added Buckle your pants, Meebs, Hatzilla, Cat Control, and 50% off to have list.
  12. That's my point though, I never got a Cecil?
  13. I haven't even been able to start it since it's down, you're not alone.