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    I am hoping this can be a short lived thread. And I apologize I could not for the life of me find an answer. Then I thought of more questions >.< What was the reasoning PSN never got an official tournament that was held on Xbox? What good, if any, would a petition do to get one? Would someone involved with running the original Xbox tournament shed some insight on do's n don't? Perhaps members of the community could promote and host there own.
  2. Well back to the topic. Why was there so much want for the blacksmith. Did a bunch of people watch Kingdom of Heaven and want to say I am the blacksmith in all there parties? The prince could be a pretty unique character as we don't see him do anything but be as cowardly as the King. The boatman could be in it to separate from the peasants with water magic or something.
  3. I'm not disagreeing, I'm just confused by what you said. What's up with the purple by the way? Favorite color gobstopper
  4. I'll just let you run your mind in circles. Insane is easy end of story.
  5. My bets on the deer that poop rockets to the moon
  6. Konmi code? Wats that? How do you not know about the Konami Code? It's only the most known video game code of them all! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konami_Code I woulda thought the MK1 Sega Genesis Blood code would be the most known. I still remember it.
  7. Expansion is a tricky word imo. Regardless of terminology we can agree the game needs more. No, I don't do arena. Lost interest when I saw the tournament was not coming to PSN, and there is no player initiative to run one. I just can't get into any PvP like I used to. But I can still see how a new character would effect it. I just don't feel that 1 character in 1 mode is a game breaking change CC needs.
  8. Well you can't skip Ice Castle or Lava World, so you just have to bear through those levels. If you're playing with randoms you'll never have a successful insane mode run. I had one close experience but it still it wasn't as good when I team up with people I knew. I'm not really getting your point anymore. Are you saying it's easy to solo through insanity or that you need a group of people? Its easy to solo insane. The levels listed are the only ones where really help just makes them go by faster. People tend to think their level 23 who just beat the game should be able to solo everything. When Soloing you will die sometimes, part of the game. Having to restart levels is what helps you learn and levels up your character.
  9. Gold skulls are easy, pugs are not :/ Also any knight can spam arrows at level 13 on so that makes the Open Face Gray Knight the best obviously When you say gold skulls are easy do you mean 4 players level skipping through insanity? I mean really other than maybe(STRONG MAYBE) Lava World(just to make it go by quicker) Desert Necro boss battle Ice Castle(depending on level and development) You don't need a 2 man party much less a 4 man party. Whats hard about gold skulls is -Finding groups that are near or at the same place and just progressing -Finding groups with ONE map controller where everyone can agree -Finding groups where every1 actully picks toons that can do insane -Finding people who don't suck or arent cooperative Grouping for insane is great I am not against it by no means. The random party generator sucks if your friends aren't on. Maybe I just have bad luck when I try to do it. I mean just tonight I ran into a 99 white skull still hadn't passed the desert. I soloed it before I was 50. Skill levels of either of us aside its solo-able before you max stats and definitely after. Could he or she of grinded, sure but I get a ton more XP from insane marsh than industrial on insane.
  10. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that 100% of the community would prefer a sequel over some unreleased dlc. Wow you mean 2 years later I can play the same game with one more character and if I'm lucky use one of 4 weapons that might come with it. ZOMG! I'd say its just pulling the wool over someones eyes. People will buy it on PSN, people will buy anything else but in the end your repeating the same levels with the same spawns more than a 1 track cd on repeat. IE run its course... Don't get me wrong I love the game, but it is definitely time for a remix. Unless this unreleased content includes a survival mode or a mode that randomly generates enemy spawns on any level or something to make it different its worthless. In my book make a sequel. I believe BBT will be a good game, I know CC2 would blow away just about any other DL only game and even the majority of disc based if it went to that.It pleases the customer, the fans, the devs, and anyone else paying or receiving.
  11. All coins collected should be available on any toon.
  12. What are you talking about? There's already a new DLC waiting to go after Purple Knight, Purple knight will come eventually, and Castle Crashers is still a successful arcade games after 3 and a half years on xbox and 2 years on PSN. Well there's problem number one, each system is ahead/behind the other. So we are waiting for already released stuff on Xbox. I get that, if it's all ready to go release it and get money in for your Battleblock Theatre game. Then get back to giving CC what it deserves. Just because people still play the game doesn't mean it can't have run its course. There's only so many times one can spam the same levels over n over n over n over n over....
  13. Gold skulls are easy, pugs are not :/ Also any knight can spam arrows at level 13 on so that makes the Open Face Gray Knight the best obviously
  14. Coming soon to a PSNtheater near you in 2014
  15. Red, and Industrialist/fencer for top spots easily. After that Id have to say between Blue, Pink, and Gray. Which is funny cuz no1 really realizes the Conehead and royal guard are the same as the gray but with better character designs lol