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  1. Noooo is there any way to save levels to your local? Will the playlists I've created still be playable?
  2. HeavyweightChicken

    R.i.p Forums

    Safe to say its dead now lol pit people just released too
  3. HeavyweightChicken

    Block Star

  4. an rpg like paper mario would be cool
  5. HeavyweightChicken


  6. HeavyweightChicken

    alien hominid HD for steam

    i mean its a pretty old game by now but if you really wanna play it its backwards compatible on xbox one (;
  7. HeavyweightChicken

    Say one good thing about the avatar or signature above yours

    Nice "User of 2013" award.
  8. HeavyweightChicken

    You're banned!

    Kingdeathmore, you're banned for leaving out the "e" in "You're"!
  9. HeavyweightChicken

    Head Chomper Achievement

    ARGH! I'm trying to get all the achievements in Alien Hominid HD and I have all of them except Head Chomper! I try in 2-1 but I still can't do it, any tips?
  10. HeavyweightChicken

    Welcome To The Playlist Promo Forum!

    Playlist: Trouble Gamer tag Progamers45 Super hard hope you don't cry. No really some people rate it bad and report it because it's so hard. Coop adventure
  11. HeavyweightChicken

    Say one good thing about the avatar or signature above yours

    Uhh... Scary?
  12. HeavyweightChicken

    Stop Adding Me As A Friend

    Put that thing in a spoiler man EDIT: Double quote? Forums y u du dis to me, now there's three pics! And now there's 5!
  13. HeavyweightChicken

    Potato's Daily Doodles

    potato farm thanks 4 the new pic btw <------------------------
  14. On Sunday my father called for us at noon.