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  1. Ty I was actually looking for this thread cuz I requested art on page 2 lol. Also maybe we could have this as an ongoing art request thread idk so that it''s not gravedigging
  2. Dude Castle Crashers remastered was just on sale/free for previous owners so I guess you missed it :(. Remember tho that the original Castle Crashers is backwards compatible on Xbox one so if you login with your old account you will be able to download and play the Xbox 360 Castle Crashers version from your old purchase with no additional cost.
  3. this playlist I found has a lot of soundtracks if you need these
  4. Switch port would also be good ya
  5. Noooo is there any way to save levels to your local? Will the playlists I've created still be playable?
  6. Safe to say its dead now lol pit people just released too
  7. i mean its a pretty old game by now but if you really wanna play it its backwards compatible on xbox one (;
  8. Kingdeathmore, you're banned for leaving out the "e" in "You're"!
  9. ARGH! I'm trying to get all the achievements in Alien Hominid HD and I have all of them except Head Chomper! I try in 2-1 but I still can't do it, any tips?
  10. Playlist: Trouble Gamer tag Progamers45 Super hard hope you don't cry. No really some people rate it bad and report it because it's so hard. Coop adventure
  11. Put that thing in a spoiler man EDIT: Double quote? Forums y u du dis to me, now there's three pics! And now there's 5!
  12. potato farm thanks 4 the new pic btw <------------------------