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  1. Here is my theory, Alien Hominid and Battle Block Theater are in the same time cause at the end, Alien Hominid crashes his spaceship after he beats the Beefy Alien. Then, since the Beefy Alien was in Castle Crashers, that means Castle Crashers in in there with them. Then Game 4 is right after those 3. (edit) After look at other posts, it could be that Castle Crashers is AFTER Game 4 and the Beefy Alien might be a mutant alien. Which explains the crazy stuff. Alien Hominid+Battle Block Theater -> Game 4 -> Castle Crashers! The Castle Crashers dude in BBT is probably from the future. (best guess)
  2. "It is pretty much like soccer, except more like basketball and nothing like soccer." I love that one
  3. I am willing to give you my Gerard for like 900 gems or something. I only judge star heads by looks, not rarity.
  4. TOP 3 OF MY OPINIONS 3. Buckle you pants! I named my account after this hat. 2. FBI Agent2! He is just like, deal with it. And it is really rare. 1.THIEF, EXTREMELY RARE, LOOKS AWESOME.
  5. Gamertag: Delorean007 Head Wanted: Barbarian (if not available, then Rammy) Method of Payment: 100 Gems Timezone/Time: When I am online (9:00-5:00) EST
  6. I am willing to trade my Swamp Bro for one of the following- -Lava Lamp -FBI Agent2 -Gerald (maybe) -Thief -Barbarian I also want Alien Homidid, I have a Paul or Duck Shark if anyone wants it. EDIT: Okay, I will trade my Swamp Bro AND Gerard for the FBI Agent2. I am willing to add 200 gems as well