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  1. "Get all the berries, and mash them into jelly, and make your girlfriend sandwiches until she gets a belly!" (I sing along to this all the time oops) "It was as if Poseidon himself extended his hand in friendship, and they spat in his mouth!" "Boy, he was pi-- he was mad!" "Get the best time and I will give you a kiss, because I loooveeee you!" "Give yourself a round of applause. You found a gem that was just sitting there." "Use your creativity to ruin someone's day, maybe even their week!" (I constantly tell my brother when I play the levels that he made that he ruined my week OTL THOSE THINGS ARE HARD) THE SECRET SONG THAT'S MY JAM MAN AND FINALLY... "Do you know? I don't. Do you? I don't. Do you? D-- welcome, to Battleblock Theater! Go inside... the door!" My brother and I say that all the time like if someone asks us "do you know" or something we automatically go "DO YOU KNOW I DONT DO YOU I DONT DO YOU DWELCOME..." x'DDD
  2. pea

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    Hi everyone! My name is Pea and I'm a huge fan of Battleblock Theater (so are my twin sister and my brother!) I'm not sure how active I'll be on this forum though because I'm busy a lot aahhh sdfkjghdfsjghdljkdsjhgd Here are some things I'm interested in! - Drawing! I have a deviantART account and if you want to know what it is you can message me i guess?? i'm not too comfortable with putting it out there though ;m; - Writing fanfictions (not for bbt though, sorry) and poetry - making things out of clay because YES - Homestuck and Ava's Demon (on both of those forums I'm known as smoulder!) - Mary Poppins!!!!!!!! (DON'T JUDGE OKAY /ducks covers and rolls) - Minecraft, ilomilo, Jamsouls!, and Discovery+ (all xbox games worthy of checking out, especially ilomilo and Jamsouls!) - The book "Something Real" by Heather Demetrios which was AMAZING WOW - Also just a warning: I get really super overexcited about the fandoms I'm a part of and I have a lot of feels and I'm totally, totally not sorry at all. B') Now for Battleblock Theater things! My favorite prisoner is the square lion-headed one - I like to dye them green and use the acid bubble because of all the green eheheheheh *V* So far my brother and I have made it to Chapter 4??? almost to Chapter 5 (we got the game with the XBLA Free with Gold feature and we never thought we ever would get a chance but the game is amazing so far and we love it so much!) We spend most of our time making community levels though :'D If you read all this you get a cookie because I have a bad habit of typing too much. OTL
  3. pea

    Battleblock Theater Issues

    Hi pea! What may have happened is several other community members reported your level as inappropriate, which would (temporarily) take the levels out of the community view. We review all the reported playlists for inappropriate content, and restore the ones that look fine, so you only need to worry if your level contains copyright infringement or inappropriate materials (excessive violence, naughty words, etc.) Here is a bit more information about mysterious "disappearing playlists": As for your avatar, you will be able to change it once you have 3 or more posts that are approved by one of our moderators (this post is one of them!). So get to posting! Hi Lindsay! Thank you so much for your help - I really appreciate it a lot!! QvQ I'm a little worried about the copyright infringement part you mentioned - the playlist I created was based off of an actual play and the levels were named after the songs in it, so hopefully that won't be an issue... would that be something that couldn't get past the Behemoth staff? Ahh I see! I'll get to posting then! :'D
  4. pea

    Battleblock Theater Issues

    Hello there! I spent the past three weeks working on a solo playlist that I intended to be featured in the Furbottom's Features community theater. Last night, after spending almost five hours straight finishing up the playlist, I submitted it, and after a few minutes it appeared in the Furbottom's Features community theater. My sister got on the XBOX at that point and left the game without saving, but I don't think / know if that had anything to do with my problem... to make a long story short the next time I got on the XBOX to check on my playlist and possibly even try it out myself, it was absolutely gone! It wasn't in "My Levels" (which I knew and expected would happen) but it also wasn't in either community theater and I can't find it at all, not even when I search for my playlist's name or playlists under my gamertag.... I was wondering if anyone knows what to do and if it's possible to retrieve my playlist at all! I'm also wondering (and this question will probably sound really silly, but I've never been on a forum like this one before) how I can upload an avatar without using Gravatar. Thank you so much! nwn