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  1. Yellow Knight could have speed magic? (teleportation rush, if you have played Fable (the first) & have a happy face instead of a regular knight face.) I love that magic
  2. Im feeling they should come out with a new knight but with differant styled helmet and armour
  3. What up everyone im just wondering what team you want to win the national championship for collage basketball I want Baylor to win post who you want
  4. What if like Pink knight they made Yellow knight be free to post ideas for magic
  5. Some people have work and school
  6. I would buy the Ninja it would replace Mr.Snuggles as a Gaurd at night
  7. Hi I can help you on Castle Crashers for XBOX360 message my gamertag HBICxCHAINKILL for help.
  8. If some one has it for XBL please message me.
  9. 1.Industrial boss 2.Corn Boss 3.Cyclopes [1st and 2nd time]
  10. Now that i think of it your probally right. But if they did make a second castle crashers it would be cool to use your character from the first one.
  11. I was wondering how people make theyre signature so cool. please reply peace.
  12. djw111325


    I play MW3 for XBOX 360. If anyone wants to join my clan message my gamertag. It is HBICxCHAINKILL Peace.
  13. I think the name Ninjarr is the best possible name for someone who is 50% Ninja 50% Pirate peace.
  14. It would be pretty cool to play as myself could you reply me back with some ideas for magic thanks peace.