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    The Behemoth Theory :o (Contains Spoilers)

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! an is logical
  2. I am very curious why I can't get the purrham head.
  3. Jollykiller117

    Rtx 2014 – Our Booth Details

    I love rooster teeth! I live in austin an wish I could have gone.
  4. Jollykiller117

    I Am Looking For Cat Control

    Would seriously love It just ask what you want in return.
  5. Jollykiller117

    Micro 3D Printer

    Must have now.
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    Lil Bub

  7. Jollykiller117

    It's My 6 Year Anniversary Here

    :3 I agree.
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    Games You Hate

    I never found many games i didn't like mostly because the only games I ever play are games I like.
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    Its a nice game to play, very relaxing.
  10. Fantastic! 10/10 this could replace chapter 7.