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  1. I got invited to the beta and how I was notified is that they send you an email (check spam/promotional tabs) containing your beta code, and as a bonus, you get to be a part of the private section of the forum only for beta testers EDIT: also I think the last batch of beta testers got sent out yesterday, I was lucky because I entered in the last hour of signups and still got in
  2. Lol I made a parody video of there being a fifth a while ago called "Five nights at freddy's 5 LEAKED TRAILER!" and it only got 3,000 views, but now since the teaser got released its gone up to 14,000 views and a lot of comments calling me out for being fake
  3. I left a while ago so I could focus on stuff on youtube, just checking back now to see everyone is gone lol, I might occasionally come back every so often to see whats up tho.
  4. How about an adorable potato with a smiley face and black eyes
  5. My Youtube hit 500 subs!

  6. I think the reason it died was because I left
  7. I want some new characters, like some from pit people
  8. Wow, that's pretty awesome. To answer your question, yes, most Amiibos (especially the more recent ones) are incredibly difficult to find in the US, so the fact that you have most of them available near you is pretty darn lucky. To give you a general idea of which ones are the most rare, here's a list: Common (you can find these in any store): Mario Luigi Peach Link Pikachu Kirby (apparently not as common in UK) Donkey Kong Zelda Bowser Uncommon (decent chance at finding them in stores): Samus Yoshi Diddy Kong Toon Link Sheik Rare (not a good chance of finding in stores): Fox Sonic Mega Man Ike Dedede Very rare (little to no chance of finding in stores): Villager Wii Fit Trainer Marth (restock in April) Little Mac (CHECK BEST BUY THIS WEEK IF YOU LIVE IN THE US!) Pit Captain Falcon (CHECK BEST BUY THIS WEEK IF YOU LIVE IN THE US!) Exclusives (only available in certain stores; for the most part, very rare) Shulk (exclusive to Gamestop and EB Games) (restock soon, so I'm told) Rosalina (exclusive to Target) Meta Knight (exclusive to Best Buy and Future Shop) (restock by March 17, according to Reddit) Lucario (exclusive to Toys R Us) I would grab any rare or very rare ones you want because those are definitely hard to find. Also, it's been indicated that Golden Mario will be pretty heavily stocked in-stores, so do not pay the outrageous price people are asking for it on eBay and amazon. Just wait. Omg, I saw Pit, little mac and sonic in my local gaming store before I knew about amiibos
  9. Sorry but this is kind of a big thing to ask. Cause people at my school have previously came up to me asking me to make a game for them. And when I deny it they tend to get angry at me. Its like randomly asking someone on the street for 100 dollars. I hate how some people expect others that have the talent to do that sort of thing to instantly give them stuff for free.
  10. This is the most normie thing Ive ever seen, ironic memes please.
  11. Thanks mr mod man sir guy person!