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  1. All of your heads are recently re-released heads (besides Castle Crasher and Alien Hominid), but those are still not worth SRV#1. Make sure you have worthy heads before proposing a trade like this. :s
  2. Hey dude, cool it down a little with all the similar posts. You have me on your friends list, just message me on Xbox. I'll reply. So long as you don't spam me. ;p
  3. That's good! Glad you got themThanks! it took a lot of gems Gems are always a good trade for star heads. (Granted you're the one giving the gems, of course.) Just message me (Ledd Mango), I can win you some games. Get your gems back for ya.
  4. Oh shoot. I just accidentally multiposted instead of editing. >.< Oops!
  5. But this is XBLA. You technically don't exist. :3Oh... um... I like acid, grenades, and boomerang then... Those are my top 3 too, haha.
  6. But this is XBLA. You technically don't exist. :3
  7. Nice. I dislike the fan because I tend to overuse it, and not do too well. I use to use the dart gun but it seemed weak, inferior to the boomerang, or the energy ball, or the acid bubble, imo.
  8. I'm pretty excited. Will this be for the 360 too? I read somewhere that it would be for One and Steam.
  9. All the weapons are fairly easy to get (Unless you are absolutely horrible at the game), So yea. That's a fair trade. I'd even say you ripped him off some.
  10. It said Cybermonday was 9 out of 10 fir rareness and lava lamp was 8 out of 10. So blame Hazard for making the star head rareness guideWhether he says that's the rarity or not, people clearly value the Lava Lamp MUCH more than the present. How many people do you think will give away their Lava Lamp in exchange for Cybermonday? Now vice versa. Exactly.
  11. ~~FYI~~ I mean favorite in general use, not based on certain gamemodes. My favorite weapon is the grenade, since it is a kill weapon, and can be easily knocked around in your favor. What's yours?