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  1. Are Xbox users able to put custom heads into the game?
  2. I'm not at all asking the Behemoth to change anything with this thread. This is strictly conversational. I only wanted to give my opinion on something that would make arrows less annoying to someone who prefers melee combat. I'm sorry if it offends you but I fail to see the skill involved in spamming arrows. To me, it just looks like button mashing a single button while standing on one side of the screen. Either way, my idea is designed more to prevent arrow spammers from hindering melee combatants such as myself. Far too many times have my combos been broken by arrow spammers who refuse to stop firing until the enemy is dead which makes the kill go from taking about 20 to 30 seconds to taking 3 minutes or so. At least it seems, I will admit I've never gone as far to actually time the process officially.
  3. So as it is, it seems generally noobs who want to beat insane mode are the ones who spam arrows at enemies because it's the easiest way to kill enemies without getting hit too much. The downside is how long it takes to kill enemies by spamming arrows, compared to using the magic combo. For me however, I find arrow spammers to be some of the most annoying players that I deal with because most of the time when I'm fighting someone trying to kill them quickly with repeated magic combos some noobs will move down to where I am and start spamming the crap out of the enemy I'm fighting with arrows and ruining any chance I have of performing combos thus slowing the process of defeating the enemy significantly. My idea for what arrows SHOULD be? I think that someone who has max agility should shoot arrows at the same rate and distance that they do right now. However, the arrows should not cause the enemies they hit to flinch at all, so that it is like always fighting the cultists in the wizzard castle who don't flinch from arrows. But, as a trade off I also think max level arrows should do about 10 more points of damage. That way if a skilled player is using the magic combo on an enemy and someone wants to arrow spam the enemy, they will be doing a significantly greater ammount of damage to the enemy's health and not impeeding the skilled player's combos. This also makes it impossible for someone to skate by insane mode by simply spamming the circle (or xbox controller equivilent) button as fast as they can.
  4. What will it take for me to get you to make this theme with the bear instead of the orange knight for me? I can do gaming related favors or possibly a psn card if need be. Hit me up, PSN SpAzMoNkEy1116 if you don't mind.
  5. I highly doubt that they could include Master Chief due to copyrights on XBL, and especially on PSN.
  6. Got more: - The ability to select your weapon and animal orb after characters are chosen before an arena battle (this way you could for instance select the anti-freeze animal orb to combat a blue knight) - The ability to select an animal orb and weapon from a menu in the pause screen at any time during a story level or on the level select map (include in this menu a favorites option so that players can look through only their preferred weapons an orbs rather than all of the ones they've collected) Previous List: - Completely new character roster (no characters from CC1 except the 4 default knights unless you have a CC1 save on your console) - Get all CC1 characters you had unlocked in CC2 if you you have a CC1 save file - All new story levels - Better magic balancing (red knight can only trap you for about 3-4 strikes with splash magic, industrialist magic doesn't make such short work of bosses, etc) - Weapon leveling system with custom weapon stat system - All players in arena matches should be heavy (like the desert soldiers and later cone heads in story mode) to prevent endless player vs player juggling - Potions auto-use when you run out of health even if other players aren't still standing or if you're solo. - Leader boards take into account total exp earned by all characters rather than just by the character with the most exp - Only the host of an online story session has the ability to control the map - All new weapons, old weapons received if they were unlocked in your CC1 save - All new pets, old pets received if they were unlocked in your CC1 save - Experience system that takes into account the amount of damage you cause rather than just the amount of hits you deal - Ability to name the host of an online lobby inactive so that if after 10 seconds the host doesn't press the indicated button, the next player in the lobby can take charge and start the session - Get rid of the option to only allow the default 4 knights - Add an option to only allow characters a certain number of levels higher or lower than a set number - Option for only characters that have beaten the game on at least normal to ensure the ability to play insane mode without having to kick a player - The host chooses whether or not to start insane mode, other players do not get a say - A game room list that shows the player all open rooms and allows more control over which room a player gets put in - Each character should have at least 4 unique costumes so that all four players could potentially play as the same character and still have some distinction (for example: the first time you face the skeleton soldier in story, there aren't just bare skeletons, there's also skeletons with brown garb, grey armor and one with green armor that resembles a brute's armor)
  7. Battleblock theater won't be on PSN and plus PSN never had any tournament on Castle Crashers unlike XBL.
  8. 1 Red Knight 2 Necromancer 3 Blue Knight 4 Industrialist 5 Green/Orange Knight 6 Fencer At least I think from what i see. Red Knight is overused cause he's the ultimate noob knight. Necromancer is overused because everyone thinks he's so cool. Personally I don't think he's cool anymore because so many people used him.
  9. I guess that would be up to Behemoth and yourself to decide, but personally I think you'd be missing out on a great chance to gain some gamer fame among the Castle Crashers community. Other players would be pretty jelly if you were playing as yourself.
  10. If they were going to make more elemental knights (which I don't hope they do), I'd like their color to match their magical element. I'm not sure what yellow knight would be since red knight is already electricity for some reason. Maybe a brown knight with earth powers would be cool. We also have yet to have a water knight and maybe even a telekinetic knight would be cool.
  11. I don't know how magic would work. This is more of a fantastical idea, there's very little chance it would ever happen, but I imagine if it did then Behemoth would either let you collaborate with them verbally to make the magic suit you or they would just give your character magic that they see fitting. For example maybe since whoever won this would most likely be a gamer, the PSN winner would throw a PS3 controller as a projectile and the XBL winner an Xbox controller?
  12. I never thought of him as a character. I agree that he should be a character, but I can't say I agree with your ideas for his move set. Also shouldn't this be posted in the DLC Ideas thread?
  13. I don't see a lot of bears and the bear is my favorite. I also don't see too many royal guards. In my opinion the royal guard is one of the least visually appealing characters and he has the same magic as the cone head and grey knight, which I would take over the royal guard any day.