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    Pretty much of a Behemoth writer, stuff and stuff, play bbt um cc, I used to play AH before i deleted it. Whats this new game 4 thingy doing here.....
    -Not much yet-
    SO BUCKLE SET PANTS AND GET READY TO ADD- wait thats not it?
  1. SkyOrangeKnight


    What games do you all like? ANd say why you like it because MYAH SEEE?!!
  2. OH ok. So i tried it and well the fbf worked but not the fbr co-op and arena thingy THE TRICKEST GLITCH EVER. AND MY CAMERA (WHICH I CANT USE ANYMORE).
  3. OH ok. So i tried it and well the fbf worked but not the fbr co-op and arena thingy
  4. Whoa... that's a lot of issues! Have you tried completely deleting and then reinstalling your game? I'm wondering if something went wonky with your install. But then ill lose my progress! there has to be some other way.... ;_;
  5. Sorry if this was already written but. Two problems here: Whenever i finish a fbf (Furbottom's feature) level (the whole thing) I dont earn any star heads, or avatar awards. This is ridiculous since i have completed it 10 times and it still gives me nothing! Help!! -Update: I have a black xbox 360 with good wifi,etc My gamertag is Cylacine. ----Question 2 Any reason why the game randomly crashes? Like if i try to load a fbf or arena mode, the game crashes, my whole xbox crashes, cant do anything etc. Why does this happen??? It works on story but when i buy something from the gift shop, Boom the whole game freezes or crashes. I Update 2- I cant save my games because of it crashing, so i gotta start from the last chapter Cannot play fbf on co-op either. Or arena because if i do.. The first round i go to GAME CRASHES BOOM THERE YA GO.
  6. Did you exit to the menu to save? Try that. Or if it doesnt work then idk what to tell you. Try using Lindsay's example. Another answer. Save your game on another file...IDK
  7. Its kinda like the problem im having. I dont think i can help you yet.
  8. Isn't it stupid how ALMOST EVERYONE IN THE BEHEMOTH UNIVERSE is having this problem? Whenever i play Furbottom or at least try to, it says "The battleblock theater is not available. Please try again later" It works sometimes on solo, but then on co-op it says the message! Then on solo another day later, it gives me the error!!!! When will this ever stop happening?!!!!! -Skylar Peace.
  9. The only game that has made me cry is Battleblock theater. To be honest, The ending is pretty sad but once that music comes on, your like "OH YEAH JUST PARTY AND FORGET IT ALL HAPPENED!!!!" No hatty is meh favorite character in bbt to be honest. Why did this happen in the first place.... Oh well Because your friend is a vegetable now!!!! Poor hatty And the cats? Well theres a chance they could have died along with the theater, idk. So that ending pretty much made me cry. No other games make me cry....expect for don't starve's ending and can your pet. DONT PLAY CAN YOUR PET ITS HORRORFYING AND SAD!!!! Not even gonna tell you what can your pet is. Not gonna tell you what Don't starve is. Look it up on your own. -Peace,Skylar
  10. OOH im so excited!!! Im gonna sign up for some wiki behemoth stuff then ill join you guys heheh. See ya there!!
  11. And i mean only this game. ONLY THIS GAME. CANT...nvm go off the topic.
  12. Lets think, what would game 4 be like? Its bbt,cc and ah COMBINED together (whats that like friends or something?) NO ITS NOT WHICH IS WHY WHAT I THINK IT WILL BE teen 14 and stuff like ALL the OTHERS Gah. So what ya think? (this topic is waaaay off)
  13. Is it a bbt cupcake? Can i eat it? Will it give me gems?!!! TELL ME NOW!!!!!!!!
  14. The swirls....its making me dizzy D:
  15. Oh my god, i know you!!! Link: Love your artwork, keep up the good work! -Skylar