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  1. CHARACTERS: (EARTH)Brown knight (WIND)White knight (WATER)Dark blue knight. PETS: Brown knight=OX: Hits you with his horns every once and awhile. White knight= Wind bird: Shoot balls of wind at you sometimes. Dark blue knight=Shark: Gives you 3 strength 2 defense and 2 magic. WEAPONS: (Brown knight= Rock sword is a sword made out of rocks, Rock staff with a black glowing rock on top and a axe made out of earth/rocks.) (White knight= Wind spear, white glowing crystal sword and shoots wind out sometimes and a giant fan.) (Dark blue knight= Shark sword is a shark being used as a sword, turtle sword is a sword made out of a hard blue turtle shell and a octopus tentacle on a stick.) Brown knight=EARTH/ROCKS:Magic=(:Shoot rocks out of hands. (Y):Long beams of earth travel through ground and hit you. (A):A large rock comes up out of the ground and throws you up in the air. White knight=WIND:Magic=(:Shoot balls of wind out of hands.(Y):To shoot a large gust of wind out from your hands.(A):Uses wind to throw himself in the air. Dark blue knight=Water:Magic=(:Throw sharp shaped water out of your hands.(Y):To shoot a large continues wave out of your hands.(A):To have a wave throw you up in the air.
  2. I think the behemoth should make new castle crashers characters my idea is a brown knight who controls earth/rocks and a white knight who controls air/wind and maybe a dark blue knight who controls water. They should add a new story as well with a new bad guy and a new plot.