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  1. Hi Memor -- yes, this issue is known at The Behemoth! We are working out some options here currently, although unfortunately I don't have a timeline or any information beyond the workaround you mentioned at this time. Apologies for the frustration -- we know this isn't ideal, and is a bummer to experience. A percentage of players who accept an invite to the Feature from the Dashboard or a few other areas in-game are running into this issue. To be absolutely super safe, I recommend that the client accept any new invites to Features after selecting the Furbottom's Feature menu from the Blueprint. Ok, the exact same thing happened to my friend when I was the host, so I got him to host a game and we played one level (not the timed one) when he was hosting and he got the head. So maybe that'll work. :3
  2. I played Co-op Furbottom's Feature with my friend, and we both completed all the levels together. But I got the head and he didn't. It's really unfair, sooooooo???