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  1. Hello, Behemoth. BattleBlock Theater doesn't seem to be coming out for quite some time. Have you considered Nintendo's Wii U console as a possible platform for the game? Do you already have future projects planned for the system? Or, have you not delved into it at all?
  2. I kinda wish the Green Knight had earth powers. I'm not a fan of poison effects, but oh well. I picked him anyway when I first played this because green is my favorite color. That being said, it would be cool to have a knight with earth powers. As for the topic, unfortunately, I don't have much to offer for a yellow knight, but I do think there should be some knight of yellow. Maybe not have elemental powers. Since there is apparently a purple knight of sorts the game now has knights related to all secondary colors. If we get a yellow knight, all primary colors will be represented! Lol me.
  3. An Awesome Face head would be great. Since The Behemoth is connected to Newgrounds, an AngryFaic head would be perfect. I wouldn't be surprised if they already made Newgrounds-based heads.