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  1. Neezil

    Buckle Your Pants

    It’s been the last star head I’ve needed for a long time. Been waiting for it to be featured again forever. Does anyone have an extra one they want to trade for something? I’m all ears. Btw, my xbox gamer tag is Neezer
  2. Please feature Buckle Your Pants 😭
  3. YES! Thank you so much for Tiny Cyclops, i'm so glad I finally caught it. Possible for you guys to feature Buckle Your Pants anytime soon? He hasn't been featured in ages (not this year so far) Thanks again!
  4. Yeah this was very tough but i'm glad I finally got Boot
  5. Nice, finally one I needed still need tiny cyclops and boot . Thanks!
  6. Never mind, the problem has been addressed finally ;
  7. Same,I don't get it either. Also not getting the new head. I think it is still stuck on Giraffe.
  8. Neezil

    Is Game 4 A Timed Exclusive?

    I'd like game 4 on Xbone, and X360. Wouldn't mind it on ps3/4 either.
  9. Fun playlist, did it with a friend locally.
  10. I keep getting "The Battleblock Theater service is not available. Please try again later." when trying to access Co-Op Furbottom's Features