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  1. Thanks for reading anyways!
  2. I just need these last few heads and I'm done with my goal of getting every star head in the game. I could trade gems, yarn, and depending on the head you are offering I will try to match with another star head if you wish. My GT is the same as my behemoth name. Thanks! 1. King 2. Tiny Monkey 3. Scuba Steve 4. Cecil 5. FBI Agent #2 7. Peeps
  3. Toast please! Gamertag- Richka99 I'll be on in like twenty minutes Edit: can one of my friends also get a head? His Gamertag is kobrakid8059
  4. Well, it doesn't hurt to try, you never know Also, trading star heads isn't something I want to do as that would just prolong the time it takes for me to finish my collection.
  5. Hey, I've been trying to finish off my star head collection for awhile now, and I'm nearing the end of it. I was wondering if anyone could sell me the following heads to help me finish off my collection. Thanks! 1.The Final Unicorn 2.Theif 3.Groundhog 4.FBI Agent 2 5.Cecil 6.Turkey 7.Scuba Steve 8.Tiny Monkey My Gamertag is Richka99, and I'm willing to give up to 500 gems for some heads, or even yarn if you want! Leave me a message if interested, and thanks for your time!
  6. Gamer tag is same as username, drop me a msg if interested
  7. I'll buy these for up to 500 gems each, 1.The Final Unicorn 2.Theif 3.Ms. Pump 4.Groundhog 5.FBI Agent 2 6.Cecil 7.The King 8.The Monster 9.Turkey 10.Scuba Steve 11.Tiny Monkey 12.Rose 13.Toast 14.Furbottom
  8. GT - Richka99 Head - FBI agent #2 Payment - 100 Gems Time Zone - Est I'll be on this week around 5:00-9:00 pm. Thanks in advance