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  1. Going to have to agree on that. So far for me its the longest boss fight. I have to actually use all 5 potions and I had to lvl up a few times before I could actually survive the fight long enough to win.
  2. Congrats on the 1000 post man! And thanks for the sigs they are awesome!
  3. I have to agree and disagree with you there She. I do agree it does get annoying when people including critics bash a game for being in 2D; when a game can be superb with simple 2D graphics. People forget the roots of gaming. But I have to disagree when you say people aren't "real" gamers when they focus on graphics alone. They are REAL gamers just a different type of gamer. And it's their loss when they let a game for ex. Castle Crashers to slip on by due to it being 2D. EDIT -- OP you forgot about double dragon 2 (Claaaassssiiic!!)
  4. Once again Jouste just plain awesome. The ninja is just sick dude. Keep posting more pics. Have you ever consider doing any other games for example gears? Your artist rendition of that would be dope.
  5. I will be on tonight at 8:00 pm mountain time.
  6. It's cute man; nice try for your first attempt. Keep it up and keep sharing.
  7. Nice vid glitch; nice way of shaking things up a bit and trying something different. I'm going to have to try some of this out and have fun with it. Keep the vids coming.
  8. I got the scepter last night from A pureed Baby so if anyone needs it just hit me up tonight. GT: I BiGG P I
  9. Dan did close another thread that said they had it and just said duplicate thread refer to the other. Didn't say either way if this weapon is legit or not; nor did he flip so I'm assuming the weapon is legit.
  10. Just want an official "confirm" on this; if you see this Dan; is the kings scepter a weapon we can have and use?
  11. Say whut?! I don't think so That is original and creative
  12. Why would you let your fellow gray knights brethren die it just doesn't make any sense . I guess I can't say much I did let the peasants / civilians die in the marsh level .