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  1. yes some are new released heads but there all I have so im sorry that is all I can trade and what about the people who was no playing BBT when the new heads came out not everyone can play BBT everyday and all the time people have lives to attend to jobs family matters etc. so just cause you have most if not all these heads I have for trade does not mean everyone eles does so take your coments and your advice somewhere eles after all advice is only effective if the person chooses to listen and I don't cause you don't speak for everyone who plays this game
  2. ok Blueninja666 ill add you tomorrow and we can trade nose for the steamroll vic1 thanks
  3. i only have have what you see here mate im afraid :/
  4. thanks for the offer but I don't have him im afraid I need FBI Agent 2 myself hard to get
  5. Hello BattleBlock Community I Am On a Hunt For a Few StarHeads Which Id like To Buy Gems Or Trade Heads I have a Spare Account And Some Heads I Can Trade You Guys Im Looking For Boot Steamroll Victim #1 F.B.I Agent #2 Hatzilla Cecil 25%Off Prisoner Gerard Thief Snake face Stubby Rose Nose Knows Scuba Steve Turkey Cyber Monday The King I have for Trade Gems Triple Threat Little Feet's Moose Donut Hooshmand The Wise Cat Control Snail Tooth Brush Giraffey Furbottom Johnny 4 Troll Castle Crasher F.B.I Agent #1 My Inventory Changes Daily If you Would Like To Trade A Head Or Just Want Gems Let Me Know Your Price And Ill See What I Can Do For You Thanks Guys Leave Your Comment Below And ill Get Back to You Thanks For even just Reading . Xbox Live GT / Tia Benry17 SB Feel Free To Add Me Comment Below First
  6. I have cat Control for trade I would trade for another starhead im looking for Cecil Steamroll Victim #1#2 and Boot If you are interested add me on XBL Tia Benry17 SB
  7. Hey guys Im looking for 2 star heads Steamroll Victim #1 the heads I am willing to trade are Triple Threat Cat control Johnny 4 Purrham Furrbottom Giraffey Snail Toothbrush Hooshmand The Wise The Nose Knows Castle crasher Alien Donut Moose Little Feet (Yeti) XBL GAMER TAG _-_ Tia Benry17 SB Leave a Comment Here Before Adding Me Propose You're Offer thanks
  8. I have troll giraffe and castle crasher now you need any of them
  9. I have Purham cat control snail and little feet but id like to do a 1:1 trade with one I don't have im looking for Cecil boom whinstone do you have any of these or?
  10. wow fossa that's so nice of you im looking for Churchill boom lava lamp or toast thanks I have 250 gems too so I can pay for some if I have to gamertag is Assassino1459f thanks