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  1. Hey, so sorry, I didn't realize that nose knows is out right now for logging in so I'm not gonna be able to do that trade, sorry
  2. I could give you steamroll #1 for the nose knows gt: blueninja666
  3. I have every head, but only the ones on the list are available, so no, lava lamp is not available.
  4. Is there any way to close this thread? cuz people are just gonna keep on posting on a dead thread...
  5. Sorry, someone asked for it before you, did you have a second choice? make sure to check the list again, anything with a line through it has been traded already. (some are spoken for but not struck through yet, like the swamp bro)
  6. Yeah I suppose it's only fair.. Keep the cat control though, I'll be doing the feature, as long as I get to keep the lovely yarn.
  7. EDIT: I've gotten pretty busy with school, so what I'm currently doing is when I get a chance to, I log on and if any of the people I still have to trade with are on I invite them. I'll let you guys know when I'm more available. Until then I have your names on the list and won't trade any of the star heads that you've asked for. So I just recently finished my collection of star heads. During my collecting I ended up with extras of some star heads. I'm giving my extras away in the hopes it helps other people finish their collections. I'm asking for 21 yarn for each head because I want lots of yarn for no reason, but any amount of extra yarn you have would be fine. Also, I only have one extra of each so once it's been claimed it's gone. EDIT: I've decided to put the peoples forum username or gamertag next to the heads they asked for to make sure people see which are taken, and to help me keep track. And as a reminder to myself bold gt/username = fulfilled, not bold = unfulfilled. Rules: 1. 1 star head per person 2. Check the list to make sure the head you're asking for is actually on there, I'll update the list every so often until I run out of heads that anyone cares about. 3. Leave your gamertag, and a good time to trade. I'm in EST and evenings/weekends work best for me. 4. Buckle Your Pants Star Head List: Alien Hominid - komedo FBI Agent #1 Donut Paul - ShadowMHog Boot - Hatty Hatt1ngton Sausage 25% off - OccupiedMarkus Triple Threat Steamroll Victim #1 Steamroll Victim #2 - BlueKnight000 Stubby - Pratt Dog20 Meebs Little Feets Moose Man Birth I See You Mr. Peabody Hatzilla - Jizue Hooshmand the WIse Cat Control Wheels - unidonut Snail Blocketeer - RedHotSword3256 Toothbrush Ms. Pump Winston - Cat Guard Cyber Monday (Present) - CVanquisherZ Santa - mike51601 Duckshark - kobrakid8059 Johnny Four Toast - Richka 99 Troll Swamp Bro - BehemothChicken Barbarian Castle Crasher Giraffy Rammy - Ninja Lemur Purham Furbottom My Gamertag is: blueninja666
  8. Yeah, you can have that one. Just add me when you get a chance: GT: blueninja666 Unfortunately I don't have any extra unicorns :/ You're welcome to choose a different one though. I'll start an actual star head giveaway post, so please check that for the updated list. Cat Guard, I'll reserve a rare head for you. Whether you have it or not you can always use extra rare heads lol I'm going to start an actual star head give away thread so I'll refer you over there for an updated list. P.S. Neat, I have a hot topic lol
  9. Well I do have to get rid of some extras so why not.. Any one head on that list but lava lamp, unicorn or rose, just invite me when you can, i'm on right now. I'll probably just start a giveaway post now..
  10. This offer also applies to cat guard. I actually meant to send it to him but I guess I looked at who posted wrong.. whatever
  11. Thanks. I'm going to sound like a pleb when I say this, but... Lava Lamp pls lol. I gave Rammy away, so I can settle for him as well. Lol, and I'm down for giving you lava lamp, but I DEMAND YARN! If you have any.. I just like having a big number there lol.. I'll have to figure out what to do with the rest of my extras later. Invite me if you're on right now
  12. @meltedcow Update: I found someone through lobby hopping and traded for an FBI Agent #2, sorry. All the ones listed except for final unicorn and rose are extras for me so if you need any of them I'll give you one.
  13. Okay, well I'll add you and let you think it over. If it would help your decision I could throw in another head you don't have Wait, how would it be the rarest? What about Scuba Steve? He was released in fall of last year, and hasn't been rereleased since. Yeah, I'm not sure why exactly he is, but he does seem to be. I see scuba steve a lot more than FBI Agent #2, maybe his feature was really hard idk