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  1. kinda weird but great my favorites are the mods
  2. Fix You by Coldplay LOVE IT anyways i dont cry when i hear it
  3. Banned when it is not even snowing where I live
  4. Banned for not knowing how to make spoilers.
  5. mobile games Some are good. A lot are crappy. Lego games. I don't really like them too much.
  6. Also depends on your sense of humor. Kinda. Personally, I think gamers and comedians are becoming worse. For example, TomSka's ASDF Movies aren't too funny. Do you think a guy throwing cheese at a UFO is funny? Smosh used to be good. Now they make videos like "Every Thanksgiving Ever". Are you serious? Time for gamers. PewDiePie is funny. Sometimes. Let's talk about the Charlie Charlie Challenge video. That wasn't funny. Oh, wait. I thought we were just talking about comedy. Anyways, another thing. A thing that I think makes YouTubers worse is when they say in a video to like. I know they want support for their channel. But seriously, that annoys me so much.
  7. The power to ban users. But, BUT! When I get ten warning points.
  8. Try the latest Co-Op feature. I hate that part, I still dont know how to do it the right way, but I jumped in a 1 pixel thing on the same block as the sawblade and then jumped over, but I think the legit way is getting a lucky perfect jump. How about you try to beat the latest Co-Op Feature COOP NEEDED or something like that.
  9. its been a long time Yes, I know she might have school/work. But, it's just been a long time.
  10. I'm not sure how to get the chance to win the league in scoring and the rest of the day before I get a job and the rest of the day after a while ago but I can't believe that this was my favorite part of the best thing about the future is bright and early to go back and forth to get the hang of it and the rest of the best thing to me and I love you so much for me to be able to do it again and again I have a great way of life and death in a statement issued by the end of the year time zone and a half hour and half the people of this page and the other hand is the only thing that could be better if it wasn't for you to be able to get a follow from you would like a little bit of a sudden it was not a good day for the next day thanksgiving dinner with a lot of fun to play it for me and my dad and my mom just called me and you have to do it all in one day you care to much thank yourself later this month in a while ago but I want to say thank you for the next day you're there for me and the rest of the year.