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  1. Hello Insane BattleBlock Theater Prisoners ! I'm looking for a partner for doing all A++ on Normal and Insane Co-Op. I'm at Chapter 6-1 All A++ on Normal Co-op (Mostly I did solo but sometimes it's a two person job). I'm at Chapter 3 All A++ on Insane Co-op. (I still need the encores on chapter 1 and 2 though). I already did full A++ on Normal Solo and Insane Solo. If some is up for it, give me a message. My Gamertag is CVanquisherZ. Mostly, I am able to come online in the evening around 6:30 pm till 23:00 pm. I'm in the timezone GMT +2 (Netherlands).
  2. Gamertag: CVanquisherZ I'm in the timezone GMT + 2 (Europa, Amsterdam), and mostly I am online every day in the evening around 6:30 pm till 23:30 pm. Starhead: Cyber Monday (Present) I'm online at this very moment. Thank you for doing this
  3. Congratulations to all the winners and to all who get a Honorable Mention. My guestion is how it comes that Purrham Furbottom isn't unlocking to the criteria the site gives to unlock him. The week is almost over (Almost Friday) and no answer has been given to the same questions which are here as well. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello Buckle_Your_Pants, I am willing to trade a Barbarian for your Paul . My Gamertag is CVanquisherZ
  5. Hello Hoboking257, I have the Barbarian head for trade . Is it okay if you are able to trade the Behemoth chicken for it ? My Gamertag is CVanquisherZ. I'm in the timezone GMT +2 (The Netherlands) and I am able to trade between 7pm till 11pm. Thank you in advance .
  6. Xbox Live Gamertag: CVanquisherZ Head Wanted: The King Method of Payment: 20 Yarns Time Zone & Suggested Time for Trade: I'm in the Time Zone GMT +2 (The Netherlands) and I will suggest for time to trade the following: 7pm till 23pm. Thank you in advance