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  1. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

    I have 23 pieces of paper.
  2. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn

    You're banned!

    Banned for having 2 C's in name.
  3. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn


    Anyone else think Mei is a bit OP? I mean, I was a Roadhog with full health and pulled one in to kill them. They then freeze me before i could shoot 2 times in their face and stood there aiming head-shots at me whilst i was frozen. Yeah then i died.
  4. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn

    You're banned!

    Banned for living in a place that does not exist in the real world.
  5. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn

    Green Knight

    That looks awesome! Seems pretty cool.
  6. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn


    "http://www.roblox.com/User.aspx?ID=213913&ForcePublicView=true Pls get good taste, look at how much better this account is." ....teakettle....my most liked hat....You sir....are awesome
  7. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn


    OMG I still play ROBLOX and to me that account is like a god to me
  8. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn

    Full Moon

    I'm sure full moon can only be skipped on XBLA if you have a different format of gaming.
  9. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn

    Looking For Unicorn / Gerald

    I now have all the heads i wanted, lock this please?
  10. I am worried because i just got cecil and FBI agent #2 and i fear one of them might come out for free after all i have gave for them. Thanks.
  11. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn

    Castle Crashers, Help?

    I found out i had not done the flowery fields as we went straight to cyclops. Thanks but i still somehow had to do the final boss on my own again.
  12. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn

    Castle Crashers, Help?

    So 3 days ago i bought castle crashers Yesterday me (Being a level 9 theif) went along with my friend ( a level 32 poison knight) and we redone the whole game, however, when we had beat the final boss only he got the unlockable he wanted and i got nothing. Thank you for reading and please reply?
  13. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn

    Sorry For The Spam

    I got to it and now one of my eyes are blindish
  14. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn

    Looking For Unicorn / Gerald

    I don't like dupers.
  15. UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn

    Its My Birthday! 9/26

    Happy birthday! I might not know you but congrats!