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  1. Hey all, me and some of the people over at the Castle Crashers wiki are pleased to announce we will be holding our very first large scale PVP Arena tournament. The tournament will take place June 29th, 3 PM EST, and registration is currently open now. For those of you who aren't interested in participating, the tournament will be live-streamed for your viewing pleasure! During the live-stream we will be running a fundraiser for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If you're interested in watching, remember to follow the Castle Crashers Wiki on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/castlecrasherswiki Registration Forum: https://forms.gle/HLhaY1FqdeZpgUBa6
  2. CCR for PS4 seems reasonable, but, unfortunately, they do have limited resources, and Pit People is very deep in development. I would much rather they focus on their current game to make it great rather than focusing on a port for an 8 year old one.
  3. Just to clarify, this is just for Xbox One, steam sign ups are coming later, correct?
  4. I know right?? something werid is going down =/ I thought I was the only one! I wonder what's going on here. The recent posts thing was super helpful. I hope the behemoth fixes it.
  5. Hmmm. From my knowledge, xbox 360 characters are saved per PROFILE, as oppose to a native saved game. You were playing with your sister's profile? I have no idea how it would trigger data loss on yours. Maybe a sibling reset the character and played it a bit behind your back.
  6. Planning on getting some single player campaign games this summer. My past couple of months have been pretty lonely.
  7. Quite honestly though, visually wise, this game looks better than the others. But, I really don't like the animatronics, I mean in the trailer their movement seem more stiff and lifeless like the real ones, (side note, it's nice to see actual movement in the series for once.) but their design, looks decently scary, but not realistic. I mean who design something for kids like that? I don't know, I feel as if the first FNAF game had the most realistic looking animatronics, and if it had different gameplay and more immersive graphics, it might be pretty scary.
  8. Isn't FNAF World a spin off too? You're technically right, but what I meant was a spinoff using new characters, as FNAF World ruined the characters from being even remotely scary by giving them "cute" versions.
  9. To be quite honest, a spinoff was probably the best idea, as FNAF World ruined the franchise as horror game forever.
  10. Eh, all though the design on this character looks strange, the graphics are better then the new COD trailer, and that's a AAA game. (Side note, I'm surprised no one has brought that up here on these forums.)
  11. CC insane mode, actually. If you're trying to find someone to play with, the steam threads or groups can help. They're very active.
  12. U-Knighted

    Green Knight

    I really like this. It has the remains of the original but still stays to your unique style. The shading and texture looks great. Keep it up!
  13. I just don't personally use them a lot. I don't really like how they look. The Royal Guard is okay, but the Conehead...
  14. But that's the only thing that separates characters (excluding Green Knight). Plus alot of magic can be used in juggles (Saracen, Bear, and any character except from Blue Knight and Iceskimo). And Blacksmith as well. Also, Iceskimo cannot use his splash in the air, so he can spell bind. But what I was trying to say was it doesn't matter what character you use in arena. If your good you can work with what you've got. I personally use Blue Knight because I just really like how he looks; blue my favorite color. Icekimo and Barbarian would probably a close second and third for favorite characters.
  15. If you get your juggles down, you're probably not going to be using magic much. Case closed.
  16. True, I would say that they're still outranked by Fencer/Indy/Blue Knight because they have weak splashes/magic jumps.
  17. I thought this wasn't bad of a list. Red Knight is okay I guess because if you can manage to get some stuck in his splash they won't be able to escape. Still shouldn't be on the list, though. Blue Knight is OP, and no that's not bias. (Despite my profile picture.) His splash, jump, and projectile can freeze people, letting you set them up for juggles. But don't even get me started on his air projectile... It covers lots more ground then normal ones. Saracen/Bear are great as well. Industrialist and Fencer are awesome, their splash covers behind them and does knock back in front. Also, the chainsaws stay moving, so you can do a quick hit and run. Orange Knight... he's okay. If you're going for distance then I recommend Pink Knight over him. Going by my play style, it would look like this: 5. Pink Knight 4. Hatty Hattington - Lucky Character 3. Industrialist/Fencer 2. Icekimo 1. Blue Knight - Better then Icekimo because his magic is more freeze-based. The bomb attack doesn't do much in 1v1. It's good for crowd control as it hits multiple enemies, but otherwise the only advantage is the fact that it has a fire effect. So in the end, it's pretty much a low ranged fire demon projectile.
  18. Don't worry I will repair... your despair. K?
  19. Youtube is getting worse, yes. The only reason I still watch it is because there's some really interesting and funny content out there such as h3h3 or Game Theory. People are going to make bad stuff and disregard copyright, but there's nothing you can do about it. Then only thing I can think of is that Youtube gets sued for letting Jinx react to some hollywood movie. He'd probably do that for a few extra bucks.
  20. The Industrial Castle Gate is great for practicing combos.
  21. Ehh Joseph did get lit up, but I still enjoy his content. I don't enjoy it at all. He just harasses people lol