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  1. That's an Awesome Idea! Except,(Oh Great) I Don't think i would like the CPU Enemy interference, i think it should be the 2 teams and some environment changes.
  2. No. He wants an opinion on wether we should have Exclusive characters on the PS3 or not. I just threw characters out because I had ideas and didn't want to lose them . Well thanks for confusing me! lol Also in short, my opinion is: I THINK YES!
  3. Here are my ideas: -Jester -Gladiator(?) -Custom Character Creation( That Would Be Awesome!) oh and BTW, i'm pretty sure Dan is in charge of content and whether or not it's Exclusive, he just wants chartacter ideas, not an argument on whether or not to have them
  4. Speaking of details, Is that a tatoo on her leg?
  5. Wow........... Good job........... *wink Wink* King?
  6. How about one with a clown with red afro in a sideways test tube That says, Joker B Enjoys Juggling Thx!
  7. Oh sorry i didn't know! I like the one with STARKILLER
  8. You name it i make it! I have them ALL! So don't hesitate to ask for details,(Colors, Tinting, Bronzing ETC.)
  9. I love the Secret Apprentice one!