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  1. OH MY GOD it's downloading now from the site!!! i left my second controller at a friends, gonna bike down and get it so i can play coop with my mate! Can't wait, i'm sure it will have been worth the wait! Haven't been this excited since castle crashers release ::D:D:D thankyou behemoth! :3
  2. i just wanted to say "behemoth loves me" and i love them
  3. lolinator999


    it would be good if the behemoth made avatars for the new 360 avatars coming out wich are like the wiis miis
  4. i would go to my friend jacks house and smash all his belongigs and then i would ring a random number yell down the phone and hang up finally i would play halo 3 and cry
  5. lolinator999


    it would be so good if the behemoth did avatars for the new things like the wii comin out for 360
  6. i like the giraffe orb as well so much choice
  7. that yeti is really cool i wanna get it
  8. theres not much pint cos ya get free gamerpics with cc
  9. its master is popstar the barbarian
  10. true it is a seal pup also on this pic theres a baby yeti on the left behind the barbarian like the one from alien hominid ... 22788.html