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  1. What're they gonna do, stab you?
  2. So, like, did this game end up being good?
  3. Do you guys remember when I was a thing? Because I sure don't.

  5. The only things that matter are memes

  6. A lot of people really like D.Va but I never really got into her that much.
  7. I've been playing it a lot recently. It is by far one of the most fun and diverse games I have ever played. All characters feel unique and are REALLY fun to play! Whether I'm blasting off as Junkrat or running fast with Lucio, I always have a good time!

    1. A C Cret

      A C Cret

      Dead forum is dead. Pit People couldn't come soon enough

  9. Just finished downloading it. I'll create a character after school
  10. My new goal is to make sanctuary an awful place to be. All of the beds are mattresses out in the streets. I put random junk in the street like tin cans. I have destroyed all of the defenses and I make people pump water ALL DAY. I am the best "mayor"
  11. I just wanted to let everyone know. I have a disease/syndrome (idk which one) that causes chemicals and hormones in my body to either not produce enough of what I need to have a healthy life. It may be possible that it worsens and some hormones may no produce at all. It is treatable but it will make me very sick. There is even a chance that the treatment fails. Treatment starts this March. Just in case, I want you guys to know that I love you and I appreciate you guys being here for me in the...

    1. Hatty Hominid

      Hatty Hominid

      past (I ran out of room)

    2. A C Cret

      A C Cret

      Hey dude, sorry things are so rough. I hope that treatment has been going well, and that you know you've got a ton of people here to support you. I'm hoping everything's alright <3

  12. What is MapleStory? I used to see people talking about it all of the time and then it kind of disappeared.
  13. That last jack-o-lantern is so awesome!
  14. So, I think I was in Trinity tower not exactly sure but there was a teddy bear trapped in a upside down trash can like a jail cell. Some times when I find things like deviled eggs I drop them by the teddy bear so he doesn't get hungry. Last I counted there were 25 deviled eggs in there
  15. I'm back, sorry school has been stressful

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    2. A C Cret
    3. Cat Guard

      Cat Guard

      Get out of here A C Cret this is our thing ;)

    4. A C Cret

      A C Cret

      Shh I'm a kind person and I actually do the same thing :P

      I'm not trying to steal him from you geez XD

  16. Best game, kid tested dad approved 10/10
  17. Anyone want to play Hearthstone with me?

  18. I think I made Cat Guard mad...

    1. A C Cret
    2. Cat Guard

      Cat Guard

      Haha, I don't know what you did to make me mad